David Lee Roth Returns to Live Stage for Performance in Las Vegas: Watch

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David Lee Roth Returns to Live Stage for Performance in Las Vegas: Watch
DLR joined all-star cover band Royal Machines for a rendition of Van Halen’s “Panama”
Jon Hadusek
March 27, 2023 | 1:28pm ET

David Lee Roth returned to the live stage last Thursday (March 23rd) in Las Vegas for a performance of Van Halen’s “Panama” with all-star cover band Royal Machines.

The show took place at the Michelob Ultra Arena at the Mandalay Bay as part of a corporate event for Home Depot sales managers. Comprised of such musicians as Billy Morrison, Mark McGrath, Donovan Leitch Jr., Chris Chaney and Josh Freese, Royal Machines were also joined by Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens for this show. The group gave attendees a big surprise when DLR took the stage donning a bright yellow suit.

The Van Halen singer guided the group through a rousing rendition of “Panama,” using the downtime between verses to toss in his signature ad libs. During the drop out, DLR worked the enthusiastic crowd of Home Depot employees, asking: “Are we having a good time so far?!”

In addition to DLR, other notable concert guests during Royal Machines’ set included Billy Idol, Run DMC’s Darryl McDaniels, and Linda Perry.

Roth has been a bit wishy-washy regarding a retirement from performing. He canceled his Las Vegas residency — what were supposed to be his final shows — but has also made cryptic comments that imply that he’s possibly not retiring. He’s also added fuel to Van Halen tribute tour speculation and released studio re-recordings of Van Halen songs in recent months.

In other related news, original Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony revealed that he’s started a new band with Bon Jovi guitarist Phil X, Aerosmith touring drummer John Douglas, and a mystery singer. The group have been recording music, but Anthony couldn’t offer any further details.

Below you can watch audience footage of David Lee Roth performing with Royal Machines in Las Vegas.


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King Edward

Ugh…….that is not good!!!

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King Edward: Ugh…….that is not good!!!

You’re right,there’s almost nothing left of his voice.I’ve watched Dennis DeYoung the other day and he was 75 at the time and he still sings great.I don’t know why Dave started to sing in high register after 07-08 tour because he sounded very good then but since 2012 he’s strugglling.And then he went on tour on “The end of the road” with Kiss,he was a bit better.Anyway he’s old and he’s no longer this superman of Rock.


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