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Live At The Selland Arena, Fresno, CA May 14/15 1992 (Remastered) voodoo122590 24 days
One Way To Rock: Sammy Hagar Tribute 2022-04-09 Harrison, OH FLAC/AUD (live2cd) mrmojohalen1256 33 days
Mammoth WVH 2022-03-21 Fort Wayne, IN FLAC/AUD (live2cd Master) mrmojohalen1107 39 days
Mammoth WVH 2022-03-18 Columbus, OH FLAC/AUD (live2cd Master) mrmojohalen1126 54 days
Looking for a few WDFA FLACs jorge2165 56 days
Van Halen 2004-08-10 San Jose, CA FLAC/AUD (Jeftak Master) voodoo3232 68 days
Mammoth WVH 2021-9-18 Milwaukee, WI FLAC/AUD (THalen Master) mrmojohalen1150 84 days
Tokyo 1978 ron14676 88 days
Live on Air LP WWOTR111679 91 days
VAN HALEN Destruction In Dallas SBD 11/18/1982 Red & White Vinyl 2 LP Record Set Vince G.9702 95 days
Van Halen 1980-08-23 Omaha, NE FLAC/AUD (16Bit/44Khz) ron3268 107 days
Sammy Hagar 1984-10-28 Binghamton, NY FLAC/AUD (luvsufo Master) (16Bit/44Khz) mrmojohalen1225 136 days
David Lee Roth 1986-10-07 Landover, MD FLAC/AUD (Mike Schuncke Master) mrmojohalen1248 161 days
Sammy Hagar 1983-3-09 Davenport, IA FLAC/AUD (outman77 Master) mrmojohalen1270 184 days
Mammoth WVH 2021-10-10 Sacramento, CA FLAC/AUD (TJ Master) mrmojohalen1330 200 days

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