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VAN HALEN Destruction In Dallas SBD 11/18/1982 Red & White Vinyl 2 LP Record Set voodoo7253 20 hours
David Lee Roth 1986-10-07 Landover, MD FLAC/AUD (Mike Schuncke Master) mrmojohalen133 1 day
Sammy Hagar 1983-3-09 Davenport, IA FLAC/AUD (outman77 Master) mrmojohalen1101 24 days
Mammoth WVH 2021-10-10 Sacramento, CA FLAC/AUD (TJ Master) mrmojohalen1172 40 days
Van Halen – ‘Women and Children First Sessions’ Raw DAT Version (STU/AUD/FLAC) ronwabo3627 48 days
Van Halen – Costa Mesa, CA 8-27-93 'Version 2' (AUD/FLAC) mrmojohalen1166 49 days
Eddie Van Halen & Cheech Marin (Van Hey Man!) – Malibu, CA 5-12-1985 (AUD/FLAC) mrmojohalen3214 49 days
Van Halen – Devore, California October 7, 1995 Two Versions (AUD/FLAC) vhrob4236 50 days
Van Halen Invasion (VH Tribute) 2021-08-06 St. Charles, IL FLAC/AUD RWAR Master mrmojohalen1172 70 days
Mammoth WVH 2021-09-23 Columbus, OH FLAC/AUD (live2cd Master) mrmojohalen1168 74 days
1991 radio int new york razor1165 75 days
MH: VAN HALEN 6LP BOX SET King Edward2250 77 days
Mammoth WVH 2021-09-14 Luoisville, KY FLAC/AUD (BootlegHuntr Master) mrmojohalen1178 81 days
WWOTR: THE STORY OF CITY NIGHTS Decatone7358 83 days
new eddie oz 1991 razor1209 83 days

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