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Mammoth WVH 2022-03-21 Fort Wayne, IN FLAC/AUD (live2cd Master) mrmojohalen1314 296 days
Mammoth WVH 2022-03-18 Columbus, OH FLAC/AUD (live2cd Master) mrmojohalen1352 311 days
Looking for a few WDFA FLACs jorge2425 312 days
Van Halen 2004-08-10 San Jose, CA FLAC/AUD (Jeftak Master) VOODOO3549 325 days
Mammoth WVH 2021-9-18 Milwaukee, WI FLAC/AUD (THalen Master) mrmojohalen1351 341 days
Tokyo 1978 ron141188 345 days
Live on Air LP WWOTR111996 348 days
VAN HALEN Destruction In Dallas SBD 11/18/1982 Red & White Vinyl 2 LP Record Set Vince G.91111 352 days
Van Halen 1980-08-23 Omaha, NE FLAC/AUD (16Bit/44Khz) ron3504 364 days
Sammy Hagar 1984-10-28 Binghamton, NY FLAC/AUD (luvsufo Master) (16Bit/44Khz) mrmojohalen1439 393 days
David Lee Roth 1986-10-07 Landover, MD FLAC/AUD (Mike Schuncke Master) mrmojohalen1438 418 days
Sammy Hagar 1983-3-09 Davenport, IA FLAC/AUD (outman77 Master) mrmojohalen1474 441 days
Mammoth WVH 2021-10-10 Sacramento, CA FLAC/AUD (TJ Master) mrmojohalen1539 457 days
Van Halen – ‘Women and Children First Sessions’ Raw DAT Version (STU/AUD/FLAC) ronwabo31874 464 days
Van Halen – Costa Mesa, CA 8-27-93 'Version 2' (AUD/FLAC) mrmojohalen1489 466 days

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