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July 31, 2014 at 9:32 pm Quote #37561


So, on May 10th, in the middle of a shit load of chaos I decided to take my wife to see AIC. Actually, the tickets were bought long before the chaos but man did it come at the right time. Anyway, we had front row dead center for this show. Up side, super close to the band. As close as it gets. There were times I had the devil horns in the air and actually had to pull away for fear of touching Jerry or Williams guitars when they came to the edge of the stage. Down side, the sound absolutely sucked. No stage sound at all except their own monitors pointed up at them and the bass rig. All low end. So I took a shit load of pics. :mrgreen:

Notice the EVH monitors Jerry is using!
 photo DSC01423_zpsf05762ce.jpg

A great close up of Jerry’s “Frankenstein”
 photo DSC01385_zpsf8d6c539.jpg

 photo DSC01349_zps99378df4.jpg

No Zoom, seriously, that close.
 photo DSC01323_zps4515133d.jpg

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 photo DSC01320_zpseb8f67fe.jpg

 photo DSC01287_zps980a612c.jpg

 photo DSC01419_zpscd21b26c.jpg

 photo DSC01395_zpse9eb5e26.jpg

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 photo DSC01391_zps459255a7.jpg

 photo DSC01353_zpscf4486fa.jpg

 photo DSC01344_zps47afd754.jpg

 photo DSC01333_zps48fe8cd2.jpg

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Awesome stuff Brian I saw them at Soundwave early this year they were very good..

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Good lord.. you were as close as possible! Great shots..

Resident dickhead. I will hurt your delicate feelings.


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