An Open Letter To Van Halen: No More Table Scraps Please

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January 30, 2012 at 11:01 am Quote #3068


I wasn’t trying to sling shit or be negative in anyway when I made the statement that I agree with some of the article.I don’t want to make an arguement for Michael Anthony or any other ex member of Van Halen for that matter.The three songs that I’ve heard completely and the 90 second previews haven’t thrilled me.If the demo songs are weak then maybe there’s a reason they haven’t made it on any of the first eleven studio releases.That’s what I agree with.I don’t want to compare ADKOT to Chickenfoot, they are two different bands.This is my opinion on this collection of songs so far.

As for openly displaying my feelings here, I believe this is the only place where I am among people that have the same affection for this band as I do.I truely love this band.A day hasn’t gone by in the last twenty five years that I haven’t thought about, talked about, or just played Van Halen music.I like to talk to anyone about the band and related subjects.I like playing Van Halen songs on guitar.I collect any magazines or articles I can find on the band.Finding VHT was a revelation for me.I found a place to hang with people that have the same affliction I do.Van Halen.Kindred spirits so to speak.The greatest thing that sets this place apart from other related sites is the positivity.I don’t like reading all the hatred and band bashing.

I understand how some of my posts on the songs I’ve heard so far could be mistaken as hate or bashing, however,I’m just speaking openly about how I feel.I cannot in good judement say that I think these songs are the greatest thing I’ve ever heard.Am I glad they are putting out a new album?Absolutely!Am I glad they are going to tour behind it?Damn right!Do I think these songs are weak?As of now…sadly, yes.

For as long as I’ve been into this band, I’ve thought not only are they the best musicians with the greatest music.They were also the coolest bunch of guys around.Always setting the standards, not only musically, but personifying the image that everyone else had to follow.So the comment about my concern with Dave’s bib overall’s and soft shoe routine comes from that.I have trouble watching the front man for what I consider the worlds greatest band, hold his hands in the front pockets of his Handy Manny overalls with that silly ass hat on do a soft shoe.I understand that Dave can be a little wacky, and the power trio behind him balances it all out.In the past I think that is some of what made them great.My concern is “if” the new songs are weak and Dave is off in what ever place he goes to, the tour could become a mockery.And that frustrates me.Maybe I care too much and that’s why not liking the new songs is bothering to me.

Anyway, I just wanted to clear up where I’m coming from on all of this.I look forward further discussions and everything Van Halen releated.
Bottoms up!

Good post Matt, I think that some people just take opinions too personally. Everyone has different tastes in Van Halen music and that is what is great about this band. It appeals to a lot of different people with different musical tastes.

January 30, 2012 at 5:27 pm Quote #3120


There is constructive criticism, there is an opinion, and then there is bashing. Mr. Stillwater’s Open Letter contained all three. He goes over the edge of the cliff when he comments, “I don’t know who is doing the band’s hair these days but that person needs to be fired. Alex has so much product in his hair he looks like he is in a wind tunnel. David Lee Roth looks like Donald Trump and Eddie is starting to look a bit like the Geico caveman.”

Unfortunately, some people try to drag others down in order to feel better about themselves. I think with some fans, comparing the VH of today with the pre 1985 band is somewhat of a shock & letdown. The new album isn’t living up to whatever pre-conceived hype they have of them. Does anyone think that the band is going to make a video with Dave dressed in ’80s garb jumping off of a drum riser? It’s not going to happen. I think with the last tour, there was a clear difference between eras. I’s 2012 and the band today is what it is, some things are very different, some things are the same, some things are even better. That’s life in a nutshell. I didn’t like “Tattoo” when I first heard it, but now I think it’s a good song, without trying to compare it with their past work or thinking how it could have been better or how it “should” be.

King Edward said “I want a solid tour without it turning into the DLR show with an appearance by Van Halen.”. I think we all do and if Dave ever did get out of hand, you know the band would get on his case about it, perhaps even parting ways with him once again. Let’s not over analyze this & let’s wait & see. I think Dave has grown up a bit & isn’t as nutty as he used to be. I think he has traded his slam dunk for a fadeaway jumpshot. As long as he makes the basket without fouling anyone.

Frankm stated “I’m also a little frustrated with the fan base. There were people, some on this very site, who were posting comments saying this is the best thing ever … before they even heard anything at all.” I don’t recall any posts stating this. Where did you read this?

When I first heard the 30 sec. previews, some of the tunes made me raise an eyebrow. Since I’ve heard the 90 sec. previews in a better quality, I have come to like these songs. It’s real easy to take a song out of context when all you hear is a 30 sec. sample in low quality. I’ve noticed these songs contain elements of the classic VH mixed with a modern type sound & production. It’s different than their first 6 albums.

Mink – I respect your opinions. I just think you are making too big of a deal about Dave in his overhalls & dance moves. He’s just having fun. Maybe this can be viewed as less badass. I think at this point they could careless about their image. Their stage presence from the ’80s is long gone. You stated, “My concern is “if” the new songs are weak and Dave is off in what ever place he goes to, the tour could become a mockery” This is simply a doomsday scenario that is based upon fear.

I think the songs they choose to play in concert from the new album will be some of the better tunes & will sound even better live. The old Dave used to go off in what ever place he goes to. Remember how many times he forgot the f’n words? If VH start this tour where the last tour left off, this is going to be one great show to see.

So everyone, feel free to state your opinions without bashing the band or being a buzzkill. Otherwise Steecoe will hunt you down. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


When you turn on your stereo, does it return the favor?


January 30, 2012 at 6:03 pm Quote #3125


What do you expect when a negative comment on VH is placed on a VH Fan based board? LMFAO!!!!! Those type of remarks are expected but maybe refraining on using “profanity” in your opinions would be better accepted as everyone is entitled to their opinion.

I find in this case we have heard most or all snippets of the songs on new album and to be honest Tattoo is for me a weak launching song compared to a few others that would of made people more interested and blown away that they wouldn’t of had the chance or time to criticize the band”s attire, the bands hair styles, the way they act on stage, hairy or not beavers…etc

Bottom line guys performers age , lose their voice, change their performing ways , change their physical appearance, Play slower/faster,say different things but overall the music is what it is all about and the best thing of it all “ The Song remains The Same

VH is back so let’s enjoy while they are around and well!!!!!

January 30, 2012 at 10:26 pm Quote #3143


they wouldn’t of had the chance or time to criticize the band”s attire, the bands hair styles, the way they act on stage, hairy or not beavers…etc

The band has hairy beavers ?

When you turn on your stereo, does it return the favor?

January 30, 2012 at 10:35 pm Quote #3144


mrmojohalen: The band has hairy beavers ?:mrgreen:

They keep them in cages, not to worry.

January 30, 2012 at 10:49 pm Quote #3145


mrmojohalen: The band has hairy beavers ?:mrgreen:

If they are smart they do!!

January 31, 2012 at 1:59 am Quote #3154


Fuck this guy. An open letter to Cletus P Isshead: Go fuck yourself, better yet go fuck the last chickenfoot CD. Every Van Halen CD ever put out has been filled with “table scraps” but your pussystink fairweather VH fan ass didn’t have the fucking internet & REAL van halen fans to fill you in at the time :roll:
“It opens with the same dive bombs and bass fills we have heard on a half dozen Van Halen intros” Excuse me? Woflie’s bass work in the handful of clips we have heard so far blows Mikey’s entire career out of the water HANDS DOWN! I am sorry but the Joe Satriani that’s in Chickenass isn’t even anywhere near as good as the Joe Satriani that I knew & loved on Flying In a Blue Dream & Surfing With the Alien, let alone Eddie Van halen on his worst night of the 2004 tour……
Fuck that guy & his stupid maxIPAD that he prolly wrote that yellow journalistic preconcieved hatred of VH opinion blog on!!
Van Halen is back & they fucking rock :!:He can suck the shit out of my ass till his eyes turn brown. fuck him.

YES, YES and YES!!!!! Thank you, Steeco. You saved me the trouble of typing that out. I’d bet just about anything that this guy loves nickleback. What a complete toolbag. Thank you.

Resident dickhead. I will hurt your delicate feelings.

January 31, 2012 at 11:08 pm Quote #3203


For those that were offended by my colorful adjectives,This is what I meant to say: :evil: :mrgreen:
Anthony Tsikouras · McMaster University

For at least the last decade and a half, Eddie Van Halen has been criticized as not caring about what the fans want to hear. In 1996, Van Halen reunited temporarily with David Lee Roth, and recorded 2 new songs for their Best Of Volume I album. At this point, Eddie did not try to turn back the clock, but instead wrote the type of songs he had been writing recently, very Balance-era style, and the two songs were poorly received. In 1997, the reunion had collapsed, and Van Halen replaced Roth with Gary Cherone to produce the highly experimental, terribly received Van Halen III. Due to the poor reception, Cherone was amicably let go after recording a second album that never saw the light of day. When Sammy returned in 2004, the three songs written for Best of Both Worlds were also dismissed, even though they really picked up where the Hagar era had left off.

The bottom line is that Eddie has a checkered past of experimenting with new styles and techniques, as well as trying to appease the fans. With David Lee Roth once more back in the fold, Eddie has had to walk a very fine line. If he releases more Me Wise Magic style music, the whole reunion will be critically panned, and they will be considered over-the-hill rock stars who can’t make the music they used to. If he digs out old samples, he has the chance of creating a classic album that fits right in to the Roth era, but some people will still criticize it as rehash. The third option I guess would be not to release an album at all, but I would take a million Van Halen III records before I chose that option.

Also, keep in mind that none of this music has been released before, so the band has every right to revisit and rework their unused material. Eddie also has had a long history of reusing riffs that he couldn’t quite make work or fit in the past. Their 1977 demo “Voodoo Queen” was reworked into 1981′s “Mean Street”. “Last Night” became 1982′s “Hang ‘em High”. The ending to “Jump” is later worked as the signature riff of 1991′s “Top of the World”. “No More Waiting” became “Take Me Back” in 1995. The soundtrack to the 1984 film “The Wild Life” has countless segments that Eddie later developed into songs, including 1988′s “Mine All Mine”, 1991′s “Right Now”, and yes, now”Blood and Fire” in 2012.

What Eddie has decided on is in the best interest of his fans, which is a move he does not often make. If you look up their bootlegs on YouTube you can find users commenting that they wish Van Halen released this stuff! And now they are, so you might as well enjoy it, and realize that this really is as close as we’re going to get to 1984 Van Halen. Any other album Van Halen made with Roth would disappoint more people.

The first single “Tattoo”, while it’s not their most hard rock moment, does fit well with the Classic 6. It’s hard to prove, but I’m pretty sure there’s some time bias going on here that is admittedly hard to isolate. I have a feeling if “Tattoo” appeared on “Diver Down”, it would slide in relatively comfortably next to “Where Have All The Good Times Gone?”. As for the video, I really couldn’t care less what the band looks like, but at least they are energetic, and having fun, and that is really all that Van Halen fans who have been waiting since 1984 want to get out of a music video at this point.

I do find it funny to refer to Joe Satriani as a guitarist who still innovates, even though I have been reading the exact opposite of his playing on Chickenfoot, where everyone is wondering how Satriani is content playing such simplistic stuff. Chickenfoot may have some catchy riffs, it is absolutely devoid of originality and will only please the crowd of classic rock radio listeners who are content hearing AC DC’s “Back in Black” every morning on their way to work.

Anyhow, thank you for not remarking on how it isn’t a full reunion without Michael Anthony, or poking fun at Wolfie’s weight. Those seem to still be the most common criticisms circulating.

January 31, 2012 at 11:49 pm Quote #3205


Man this guy wrote everything I have been thinking A quote from Eddie should sum it all up “It’s always a Catch-22 situation. They hate you if you’re the same, and they hate you if you’re different.” Eddie Van Halen

February 1, 2012 at 1:25 am Quote #3209


I actually agree with him on most parts.The Chickenfoot comparisons are inevitable.That’s going to happen either way.I’m hoping for a strong tour, but Dave’s dance moves and fucking overalls are troubling to say the least.Goddammit, I’m trying.I want to like it, but so far, not so much.I’ll wait until Feb 7th to pass further judgement.Sorry to sound so negative, I don’t mean to be.Just disappointed.

I am going to have to agree…

Life’s too short to drink cheap beer!

February 1, 2012 at 6:34 pm Quote #3262


dusty825: I am going to have to agree…

I take it you won’t be going to see them on this tour?

When you turn on your stereo, does it return the favor?

February 2, 2012 at 1:49 pm Quote #3394


Having heard the album now, I can say this guy and his ‘table scraps’ don’t have even a shred of credibility. It’s obvious he hasn’t heard the album yet. And I have yet to read one negative review from those who have heard it. Stay frosty.


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