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10:57 PM – 27 Mar 12
Next Capitol Dome tour after ours today, Alex Van Halen and family. http://img.ly/fScd Wonder if he was as tired as I was tonight?


Squeezing Van Halen’s biceps, terrifying Nancy Pelosi and cozying up to Joe Biden: ‘Behind the scenes’ with House Speaker John Boehner

By Hayley Peterson
PUBLISHED: 00:00 EST, 9 January 2013
UPDATED: 17:45 EST, 9 January 2013

In an effort to round out the public persona of House Speaker John Boehner, his office has released a set of behind-the-scenes photos of the top Republican charming babies, working in his garage and teasing musician Alex Van Halen.

Coming on the heels of the latest batch of ‘behind-the-scenes’ photos from the White House, which has gone viral online, the images of Boehner portray the Ohio congressman as a prankster, a well-liked boss and baby-pleaser.

In one photo he’s squeezing the bicep of Alex Van Halen as the musician appears to be laughing hysterically.

Joker: Speaker John Boehner jokes with Alex Van Halen and Deputy Chief of Staff Dave Schnittger in his outer office at the U.S. Capitol. March 27, 2012

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Nice find Ron… :mrgreen:

EDDIE’S fingers aren’t fingers they are muscle-powered pistons that hammer guitar strings to the fretboard with the force of a rivet gun”.

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Alex for President


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