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I need to pick up some Blu-Ray blanks, but since I’ve never dealt with them before, I don’t know what kind or brand to choose. I’m thinking of Verbatim, but I don’t know. Also there is the case of LTH (Low To High)‎ media, that I don’t know anything about. I’ve got a Pioneer BDR207 internal drive. Thanks.

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From Verbatim
You’ve heard of Blu-ray (BD-R), but what is Blu-ray LTH? BD-R LTH (low to high) media is created using a Verbatim-exclusive, super-efficient manufacturing process that allows us to pass along a cost savings to you. This manufacturing process uses an organic dye that turns a disc’s reflectivity during recording from “low to high;” this is opposite of the “high to low” method used in standard BD-R manufacturing. Verbatim uses a spin-coating process that easily allows excess materials to be recycled; this is less expensive than the traditional sputtering process. The final product is a Blu-ray LTH disc with similar features to BD-R but at a price that is enticing.

BD-R low to high discs are the same as standard BD-R; they’re just manufactured in a more efficient way. They offer the quality you expect from Verbatim along with several key features of importance:
* excellent compatibility
* high capacity
* high-definition quality
* protective hard coat
* Blu-ray laser technology
* lifetime warranty

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Hi Ron — you got da blu’s, eh? From my experience + with all media: stick with dependable brands (Tayo Yuden, etc.), check out user’s reviews. The Verbatims look good (I haven’t tried). Usually, you get what you pay for. Buy a few to try before you dive-in with 100 quantity.

I often buy thru, myself. Good deals, good service.

Good luck, Ron!

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I have used verbatim & sony both worked perfectly


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