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is their a complete list of van halen books available or could some one
please put up a list please

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Way back in the day (close to 20 years ago), I had compiled the following list. Never updated it beyond 1998, and is by no means complete.

“Excess All Areas”
It’s a visual-bio thing dating from the early days to the present time.

“The Mighty Van Halen”
by Buzz Morrison
copyrighted 1984.
It’s about as thick as a Newsweek magazine (although heavier paper. 50p) and has lots of full color and BW photos of the guys. Most of the photos are of Dave and Ed. I haven’t read all of it, but it seems to have the typical fanzine type content. I’ll be sure to post any ‘new’ or interesting stuff. Some of the highlights are:

* picture of Ed in white tux (tails) w/ Val.
* 10 reasons why VH is number one
* picture of Ed playing guitar solo in “Beat It” during performance with Michael Jackson.
* The books is “For Dave. Who would have approved.”

“Van Halen”
by Michelle Craven
ISBN 0 86276 274 X (paperback)
32 pages color and b&w photos throughout
covers the band from the early ’70s through 1984
strangest photo: the band dressed as guards outside of a castle in Europe

“Van Halen”
- J.D. Considine
158 pages, approx 7×9″, contains bio and pics. Copyright 1985
ISBN 0-688-04299-6

“Metal Mania – Van Halen”
Phil S. Tene
Copyright 1984, 9×12″ 62 pages containing color and B&W photos from the 1981, 1982, and 1984 tours. Includes a center pull out poster.
ISBN 0-88188-296-8

“Van Halen”
- publisher Beekman House, NY
It’s about 1 foot square with heaps of cool pics in it.
released just after 1984 came out.
ISBN 0-88176-229-6

“Jumpin’ for the Dollar”
- publisher: Cherry Lane Books NY 1984.
ISBN 0 946391 51 3

“Van Halen”
- publisher: Proteus Books, London 1984.
ISBN 0 86276 274 X

Also got the VH comic from Rock’n’ Roll Comics vol. 1 no. 16. October 1990.

There’s also 3 magazine compilations of VH that I have.

“Positively Van Halen”
this is vol2, no. 2 of GPI’s Collectors Editions
(winter 1986)

“The Complete Van Halen The Making of a Guitar Genius”
This is a compilation of stuff that has appeared in Guitar World over the years. Guitar Legends vol.1 no. 1, 1992.

Best of Guitar Player – Van Halen. This came out around the beginning of 1994 ( I think…)

I remember when Dave was on Late Night w/ Dave right after California Girls and Letterman had a book called “Everything You Wanted to Know About Van Halen”

Van Halen – Gordon Matthews ( Letterman makes reference to this when Roth visited in 1985)
VH Jumping For The Dollar – John Shearlaw (British)
Hot Sounds From Van Halen – Annene Kaye
Van Halen – Michele Craven
The Mighty Van Halen – Buzz Morrison
The Van Halen Scrapbook – editor: Mary J. Edrei
Van Halen – Philip Kaman & Peter Goddard (great picture book)
Van Halen – Jim Palmer ( Anabas Look Book, LP sized)
Van Halen – publisher: Beekman House (big pic book, coiled spine)
VH Excess All Areas – Malcome Dome
Eddie Van Halen – Dan Hedges – The Vantage Musician Magazine Series

The Van Halen Encyclopedia (1999, ISBN: 0-9667539-0-9, LCCN: 98-96627)


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