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High winds shut down EDC main stage, Kaskade Saturday night
By Jason Bracelin
Las Vegas Review-Journal
May 18, 2019 – 7:21 pm

David Lee Roth goes EDM?

There David Lee Roth was, mouth moving at speeds rivaling the 126-beats-per-minute pace of the Van Halen classic he was speaking of.

The song was “Jump,” which house mainstay Armin Van Helden recently remixed.

With Van Helden set to perform at EDC on Sunday, Roth hit the fest on Friday after performing with the DJ-producer at Kaos at the Palms earlier in the day.

Holding court in the press lounge, Roth expounded upon his appreciation for dance music, technology and a 24/7 city Las Vegas, all of which he deemed to interconnected.

Dubbing himself the “patron saint of midnight,” Roth mentioned that he was visiting various Vegas properties for a potential residency here.

“I’m not just a singer, I’m a perspective,” he said more than once.

Perhaps we’ll here that again here on a regular basis.

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As for Mr. Roth, he has his sights set on Sin City as well. When asked if he would ever join the list of A-list artists flocking to Vegas for residencies in the city, he admits the possibility is very much on the table. “Oh, I just pursued this, I was over at the House of Blues yesterday,” he revealed. “There’s lots and lots of people requesting.” But — what would a David Lee Roth residency entail? “I kind of am the patron saint of midnight when everybody’s guilty of all ages. It’d transcend neighborhoods. You can be wearing a cowboy hat or you can be wearing five inch clogs out there with sparkles in your hair. You can have dreadlocks or a crew cut, you can wear a military uniform to work or you can wear a bikini to work and you know what David Lee Roth brings to the proceedings, okay?”

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I think he gives himself too much credit and forgets how bad he was the last time he did this.

Stay Frosty


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