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@Roth_Army: @GregRenoff From someone I trust implicitly, DLR’s contract with VH ended upon completion of the tour. Also, no contact btwn VH/SH/MA. Yet.

EDDIE’S fingers aren’t fingers they are muscle-powered pistons that hammer guitar strings to the fretboard with the force of a rivet gun”.

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jroundy: Maybe Dave told Ralph…. “OK kid take the ball, and run like hell”.

I think it would be cool if Dave retired and Ralph stepped in.Dave could write the lyrics for any new songs, and Ralph could sing them.

That would not be cool. It would be pathetic.

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Is that Brett Tuggle on the left? If so, wow, everyone showed up!

Stay Frosty

November 27, 2015 at 7:02 pm Quote #51087


So it was shut down before they even played a note?! What a bummer – looks like it could have been “epic”, man.

November 27, 2015 at 10:32 pm Quote #51088


What’s the deal with the contract being up ? Can he still be a member of VH without one ?

When you turn on your stereo, does it return the favor?

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Gilligan: So it was shut down before they even played a note?!What a bummer – looks like it could have been “epic”, man.

yeah I was there. it was packed. way too many people were let in. The first set had some cool covers with good players. But right before the 2nd set with EEAS the Fire Marshal came in and they tried to get **some** people to leave voluntarily before it totally got shut down. bummer.

November 29, 2015 at 9:01 am Quote #51105


Someone said Steven Tyler was there – any truth to that?

Stay Frosty

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Random fan?

Resident dickhead. I will hurt your delicate feelings.

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Who is that dude?

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If you’ve been to any of the 43 Ultimate Jam Night’s that preceded 44 you know what we’re all about – creating a resurrection of rock music through the intertwined spirit of each other. We have stated and repeatedly encapsulated it in our closing statement: “Rock Music Is A Community And You’re A Part Of It.”

Well that thought seems to have registered with a few people. Oy, did it register with a few people.

We worked diligently as always putting together another edition of Ultimate Jam Night – continuing to give you incredible performers and performances, in a setting that felt like a social gathering of friends and family.

What ensued was a full-fledged rock concert broke out.

Nearly 3,000 people showed up. They lined the block all the way down Highland Avenue, around the corner and half way down Hollywood Boulevard. No sooner did one wave get handled then another wave emerged.

Last minute guests and VIP’s were coming out of the wood work without advance notice trying to get in. If you knew the names of some folks that showed up that we turned away you’d be shocked. They were people that another 3,000 people would have lined up to see on their own.

At one point we even had a guitarist showing us his Wiki profile and photos to prove who he was. It was absolute madness.

All of this without even telling you that David Lee Roth was going to be on stage.

In the 43 prior weeks of Ultimate Jam Night we’ve done some amazing things. Mind-boggling performances, community and charitable giving, the uncovering of new talent, the celebration of the legends of music history (we had Hendrix mentor on the week before). The feeling created has been unlike anything in the world of music today.

For many of our editions we’ve been honored to have one of the greatest living bass players perform – Billy Sheehan of The Winery Dogs. Before his recent tour run with The Winery Dogs he coaxed a friend out – celebrated drummer Gregg Bissonette (currently with Ringo Starr among other projects) and they played a couple of tunes and had a great time alongside other regular UJN performers like Stephen Chesney (Waking Jonah). They had such a great time that an idea hatched…what about having Steve Vai join them for a fun little reunion of some songs from the Eat ‘Em and Smile Band? Would we be up for it? We think you know the answer to that question.

Sheehan, Bissonette, and Vai are at the absolute top of what they do and are extremely busy. Nonetheless they sorted out a date that would work with their schedules for sometime in late November.

So we kept it on the back burner until we got official notice that it would happen – one week before announced to the public. Floated along with the idea of course was the thought that maybe David Lee Roth would be interested in joining them. Collectively we didn’t hold out much hope of that happening, but of course we wanted to see it.

As the date neared we planned with Billy, Gregg, and Steve all the particulars. When they’d be on, the songs they’d do, what they needed in support – as we do with all Ultimate Jam Night guests. We announced it – like we do in regular fashion – and within hours our lives would change.

Interest immediately sparked. Within the first hour after the announcement the Ultimate Jam Night Facebook page recorded 30,000 people interacting with it. Then the phones started to ring. The buzz was BUZZZZZING.

At this point this was all about just three members of Eat ‘Em and Smile. Given the concerns about having David join them, the players arranged for Ralph Saenz (Michael Starr) of Steel Panther to perform with them as their vocalist. That became part of the announcement.

Our job at Ultimate Jam Night is sincerely dedicated to proving that rock music is alive and kicking – and we shared the announcement with a few press outlets that have previously covered our efforts. Once it hit their blogs, it got picked up – again, and again, and again. It got to the point where your intrepid writer was on the phone beginning at 4:30 am dealing with east coast interests until 1:30 am the following morning to sort through the rest of the world – each day for the days leading up to 44. That’s how crazy it was, and that was just one person. In the meantime our entire team was being besieged from every possible direction.

As the performance date grew near we were getting interest from other performers who wanted to be on the bill. Another quirk of the schedule allowed us to have John 5 with us – as we had mutually tried to get together for many earlier Ultimate Jam Nights. Then it was the guys from Filter that came on board, Phil X was down, Rafael “Hoffa” Moreira would be back, and on and on. We told you as they each came on board. Major players were being added left and right and there was no doubt that this Ultimate Jam Night would be THE ULTIMATE JAM NIGHT. Except there was even more in store…

Another quirk of the schedule and we learned that Brett Tuggle, the original keyboardist for the Eat ‘Em and Smile Band would be joining them as well. Now you had the 4 original guys all playing together – it was going to be pretty special, and Ralph would still sing.

Late Tuesday night we got a call. DLR would be joining and it needed to be kept under wraps – serious, serious wraps. As there was already insane interest, a DLR announcement would throw this thing off the moon. Several calls were exchanged, extremely tight security measures were discussed, and a way to keep the surprise was put in place.

Audience interest was still growing, and growing, and growing. Radio was picking up the event. Sirius XM was featuring it across its platform. We even managed to finally get the attention of local television and Los Angeles’ KTLA Channel 5 announced the event – speculating about DLR, an announcement that we never even made.

With surging interest we actually put a plan in place to encourage people to NOT come – a first in Ultimate Jam Night history. Posts were made warning about long lines and the likelihood of not getting in. Contingencies were created for how to deal with potentially disappointed people – including reports that we were receiving that folks were driving 8 hours from other states just to see the show. All of this without even knowing that DLR would be performing.

We kept everything tightly under wraps and with a contingency of having Ralph sing because honestly we were concerned that the crush of enthusiasm might keep DLR away at the last minute.

As the show approached we fielded guest list requests and set a door time – we were holding doors – for the first in Ultimate Jam Night history.

Knowing that some folks might not be able to get in, we created give-away items and walked the line to distribute them and personally thank everyone for coming down. Our thought was if they couldn’t get in, we wanted everyone to at least leave with a sense of who we are and what we do – which is appreciate everyone interested in helping grow the interest in Rock Music.

And then…..Ultimate Jam Night turned into a rock concert. As the first wave of people got in it looked like we were going to have our normal busy night. So we went about readying and running the show like we normally do…except the mayhem didn’t stop.

Heading from backstage to the front we suddenly noticed a photography well filled with 5 times the amount of press coverage we normally see. VIP’s were squished into folding chairs.

The show opened, and we did our normal approach – an opening act, and a first set, with the idea to follow with a second set.

At the end of the first set, as pre-planned with the artists private security team we had a black SUV pull up so that we could wisk both Steve Vai and DLR discreetly into the building just slightly in advance of their play. Now we’d not only have to deal with the crowd, but we even had to attempt to control the amount of other players in the tiny back-stage area in the interest of security.

Steve made it in the building, but DLR decided he wanted to do some vocal warm-ups and drove around the block a few times while an alternate security plan was readied. Except a hiccup occurred – when Steve Vai entered the building the car window went down, David Lee Roth was in the passenger seat, and the sidewalk crowd knew what was about to ensue.

The words “Holy Shit!” spread down the line and buzz was starting at an entirely new level. But simultaneously the room was more and more packed.

We ended the first set, and hurried to prepare the stage for what everyone had been waiting for. Since the majority in the room itself still didn’t know that DLR was to perform we had the ultimate secret ready for the Ultimate Jam Night. The plan was to have the curtain closed and with Steve Vai’s first guitar notes reveal the Eat ‘Em and Smile Band playing. Behind the back curtain from a wireless microphone you’d hear some of the familiar vocal notes of “Yankee Rose” thinking that it was Ralph – only to have it then revealed to have DLR walk through the curtain and create a moment in history to surprise you – and be the biggest thanks to the rock music community we could think of for its loyal 43 weeks of support leading up to that moment. Alas it was not to be. Seconds, and we mean seconds before the band was to play we were alerted that the Fire Marshall had shown up. Venue management then came to us on stage and described what they wanted to do. We tried as quickly as we could to find a way to make this moment still come off. We asked some of you to leave, we tried clearing the room. We offered to do the show twice. We offered the opportunity for a meet and greet. The artists themselves even offered to pay any fine if we could just go on, and have enough time to clear the room to allow the show to continue. Alas it was not to be.

We were all beyond disappointed. A band that hadn’t been together soooooooo wanted to play. What makes it even more remarkable is that in true unrehearsed Ultimate Jam Night fashion, they were going to do it without rehearsal – live before your ears. This was a moment…this was THE moment that was to be a memory of many lives – and we were shut down.

Not only were the guys in the Eat ‘Em and Smile band affected but artists including folks from The Drills, Magnetico, The Iron Maidens, The Circle Jerks, Biohazard, and more were shut down as well. It was an awful feeling seeing sad faces of artists gathering their gear without having a chance to express their talent.

There is no worse feeling than telling someone who’s ready to perform that they can’t. Doing it to these folks is like the gut punch of all gut punches. Images were captured that at some point will probably be history in their own right. Just know that the story isn’t over, and when the next chapter is ready we will let you know.

Set 1 opened with Paulie Z and the house band taking on some of The Who to roust up the enthusiastic crowd to full effect. After that sterling introduction of Paulie, along with Matt Starr (Mr. Big), Mitch Perry (Edgar Winter), Ferlazzo (Avril Lavigne/Gabbie Rae), and the Captain Chuck Wright from Quiet Riot laying it out as good as inspired Englishmen, up came the world traveler otherwise known as Glenn Sobel (Alice Cooper – and for a few – Motley Crue) to bang out a little Led boots. Then it was time for Damon Fox (The Cult/Big Elf) to lead some Communication Breakdown (the song people….the song)along with Tabitha’s The Okai Sisters and Jason Sutter of Smashmouth on drums in awesomeness. It really started to get the throngs in crowd in the spirit – particularly the many who haven’t had to see these folks do their thing before. Next it was time to bring up the horns, a full contingent of players, our background vocalists tour de force, and the killer vocal skills of Tyra Julliette. Tyra, along with bassist Derek Frank (Shania Twain), Jeff Bowders (Shakira), Mitch Perry, Ferlazzo, the horn section of Jacob Scesney, Korel Tunador (Goo Goo Dolls), and Matt Shulman, along with “The Team” of Kevin Parker Robinson (Peter Frampton), Lisa Margaroli (Howard Leese), and with Belinda Skinner (Luther Vandross) filled the stage with a full sound that this rock crowed didn’t expect. It was awesome – thank you! Next up was the hard stuff as we brought to the kit for the first time at Ultimate Jam Night Jimmy D’Anda (Lynch Mob/Bullet Boys), along with Sean McNabb on bass (Lynch Mob, Dokken, Burning Rain), Ira Black (Hellion, Lizzy Borden, Attika 7, Death Division), and Dewey Bragg on vocals who celebrated his birthday and 3,000 of his friends came out. They nailed a bit of “I don’t know” with full effect – and truly the crowd was into it. You can always tell when the audience is into something because of the swelling applause that happens from back to front – and on this number it was a roaring swell. Thank you! Next up it was time for some more greatness. With a stage that included Glen Sobel back again on drums, along with Ferlazzo, Johnny Martin (Adler), August Zadra (Dennis DeYoung Band), Korel Tunador back again on sax, and Sam “Bam” Kolton (Gabbie Rae/Made N America) on guitar, out came 17-year-old vocal sensation Gabbie Rae, who only weeks before had gathered an audience of over 100,000 people online – handing off her phone and turning on her voice to the throng before her. There’s little doubt that this young, yet seasoned pro pulled off another stunner – as another swell of enthusiastic applause greeted the song’s conclusion. It was a vision – aptly expressed. Next up were Ashley Dzergian, Oumi Kapila, and Chris Reeve (all from Filter) along with Ferlazzo for “The Hand That Feeds” we were fed,and fed well by all of you thank you! Then it was time for two guys that are Creatures and a man who has your number. We of course are talking about John 5 and The Creatures (Rodger Carter on drums, Ian Ross on bass) who performed a killllllllllerrrr mini set of three songs including a guitar medley that has become incredibly talked about and already broadcast all over You Tube. It was awesome and everyone who saw it was just enthralled. Thank you John for finally being able to make it, and thank you Rodger and Ian. We end the first set (and what would be the night) with the house band, along with Barry Pointer of Lucky Strike, Paulie Z. on vocals, “The Team” of Kevin Parker Robinson and Lisa Margaroli on background vocals and the bag pipe wizardry of John Allen for some “Long Way to the Top” with an excellence that we wished could have carried us through a second set.

At the conclusion of the first set we were able to announce the incredible support that this community of rock puts behind causes – including the night’s efforts lead by TSOL/Cadillac Tramps drummer Anthony “Tiny” Biuso in behalf of Mama D Feeds the Homeless. What Biuso is doing to raise awareness and support is truly remarkable – and as a result, 1,000 pounds of food was donated along with 400 pounds of warm clothing to immediately help Los Angeles’ homeless population. Thank you Tiny and thank you Jules for all you are doing to help educate, help, and service this deserving population.

44 Cast: Anthony “Tiny” Biuso, Ashley Dzerigian, August Zadra, Belinda Skinner, Billy Sheehan, Brett Tuggle, Chaun Horton, Chris Reeve, Corey McCormick, Courtney Cox, Damon Fox, Dan Spree, David Lee Roth, Debby Holiday, Derek Frank, Dewey Bragg, Evan Seinfeld, Jeff Bowders, Gabbie Rae, Glen Sobel, Gregg Hetson, Greggg Bissonette, Ian Ross, Jacob Scesney, Jimmy D’Anda, John 5, John Allen, Johnny Martin, Kevin Parker Robinson, Kirsten Rosenberg, Korel Tunador, Lisa Margaroli, Matt Shulman,Mayuko Okai,Nikki Stringfield, Oumi Kapila, Phil X, Roby Duron, Rafael Moreira, Rodger Carter, Ralph Saenz, Sam “Bam” Koltun, Sean McNabb, Steve Vai, Stephen Mills, Tone DeCorte, Tyra Julliette, Tsuzumi Okai, Walter Ino, Wanda Ortiz

Thank you to Trippy the Clown, Tim Phoenix, and the foam side-kick Sandy Martin for keeping Trippy’s nose clean and on his face.

Thank you to the tech team of James “Shotty” Shotwell, Aaron “Guitar Hero II” Mercier (Kings of Carnage), “If I had a hammer” Chip Rainone, and Mike “Mr. Pedals is he really in Smashmouth” Perkinpine – for all their help on a night that backstage was utterly indescribeable.

Thank you to “The Ambassador” Todd Headlee for unparalleled professionalism in the face of adversity.

Thank you to Jessica “The Walking Wonder” Chase for a stream of social media that gathered the population of a small city, and Lisa “The Evangelist” Morton who helped get a horde of media out to cover the population.

Thank you to Maureen Davis for jumping in to the flames full burner to help us out.

Thank you to William Berger and Terry Harrison for handling – well for just handling a new level of insanity that also was indescribeable.

Thank you to the entire Lucky Strike for their entire team’s grace under pressure.

Thank you to the regular coverage team that’s always there. They covered this night with quality and fairness. Folks This includes Tamea Agle , California Rock News including Chip Smith, Ann Sunde, William Greenberg, John Bereziuk. Mark J. Litzky, Johnny Grimmer, Ronnie Lyon, Kenny Bradberry. Thank you Alex Kluft, Kenny Bradberry, Red B. Mancini, and Kathy Flynn. Anyone missed is purely accidental.

Thank you to the incredible sponsors including Tim McGuire and Thank you to Sick Boy Clothing, Friedman Amplification, ESP Guitars, Swing House Studios, Evans Drum Heads, Pro Mark Sticks, D’Addario Strings, Monster Energy, GoGo Tuners, Paiste Cymbals, and Pickboy picks.

Regardless of the finish – Ultimate Jam Night is anything but done. We are already on to number 45 with a style and approach that’s made you watch – and made you become a family.

To all of our family (and you know who you are) we will continue to exist because of you – and for you – you were the first to offer up your seats so the show could continue, you are the first we thought of when our hearts filled with disappointment, and you are the first that fuels are desire to continue this movement in you honor.

We will see you at 45.

December 10, 2015 at 11:55 am Quote #51293


Maybe Dave will show at this one this weekend ?

December 10, 2015 at 12:00 pm Quote #51294


All of the Winery Dogs are there. I’m surprised they’re not billed to play together.

December 13, 2015 at 12:54 am Quote #51312


From DLR News Desk on Facebook

David Lee Roth News DeskLike Page
1 hr ·
Billy Sheehan confirmed tonight with the DLRND that there will in fact be a reunion of the ‘Eat Em And Smile’ band. There is no word yet if this will be just a show or world tour. Stay tuned for updates! Join our official group! THE MOJO DOJO™

EDDIE’S fingers aren’t fingers they are muscle-powered pistons that hammer guitar strings to the fretboard with the force of a rivet gun”.


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