Eddie Van Halen Collection on Letterman, 1985, 1995

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Late Night:
1. May 16, 1985. Eddie sits in with the band during Late Night’s last show in Los Angeles.

2. June 27, 1985. Eddie sits in with the band again as his wife Valerie Bertinelli guests with Dave. Later in the show Eddie performs “Panama.”

Late Show:
3. August 10, 1995. Van Halen performs “Not Enough.” During the break the CBS Orchestra begins playing “Jump,” and Van Halen soon joins in.

For those who haven’t seen this link before, here are the full recorded performances of Eddie on Dave Letterman, complete with commercial bumpers that weren’t fully aired nationally. The first appearance on Letterman was rebroadcast several years ago (I believe it was on the Trio channel) and they cut out several parts of Eddie’s performance, including the segment of Eddie playing the intro to Jump on the keys. On the ’95 appearance, they include the audio of the band jamming while they’re cut away for commercials. I think this is the most complete collection of Eddie on the David Letterman show out there and it’s in pretty decent condition, considering the earliest footage is over 35 years old.

Don’t forget, you can save this video by adding 5s between youtube and .com (so this link would be )https://www.youtube5s.com/watch?v=6vHL4gyYjnY and selecting the file type and resolution you want. Enjoy!!

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