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Thank you so much for the membership, as a Van Halen fanatic I truly appreciate it. I was a casual Van Halen fan until I found 5150 and then became obsessed. And have been obsessed now for 30 full years! I have a humble collection of Van Halen “stuff” as well, nothing notable but it all means something to me. One of my favorite things are old ticket stubs and concert posters.

I started collecting “live” Van Halen shows when I was in Memphis in the late 1980′s. Didn’t have a CLUE what they were but I happened to see this Van Halen section called “Imports.” I owned every Van Halen album ever released, like a true fanatic. But there were a ton of cd’s, tapes, and vinyl that I had never heard of! Turns out they were bootlegs. Didn’t know what that meant but I started buying every single show I could get my hands on. After 30 years I had collected probably 50 shows worth. Well, last year our home was broken into. They stole our tv. Our laptops. Almost all my Vinyl records and cds, bluerays and DVD’s, and my guitars. It was brutal. I can handle getting a new tv. But most of those bootleg records and cd’s and cassettes are gone forever. It broke my heart. It’s funny because the first thing I checked on was the kids room, THEN my Van Halen collection. UGHHHHHH.

So, not to shed any tears, I am here to start my collection all over again and see about getting back what I have lost. Which was everything. hahaha I am able to laugh about it now. I am taking careful notes on shows and trying to collect everything I can. Including the concerts I attended. Those are extra special to me. Also a bit of a fanatic about Led Zeppelin, Dave Matthews Band, Dave and Sammy solo, Montrose, Chickenfoot, Beatles, Alice in Chains (with Layne), AC/DC, Rush, and more. Really enjoy live music!

As for Van Halen, I am proud to say I love all three eras of the band. Enjoy the Dave albums. Enjoy the Sammy albums. And enjoy the Gary album. As a Van Halen fan I love the music. What’s not to love! I don’t argue about who’s best or any of that crap, I just enjoy the music!

My career has two parts. Part time I work as a music journalist, and I have interviewed everyone from Weird Al (who was incredibly warm and hilarious) to Al Green (who was very very kind!). My full time job is teaching Special Education and working with disabled children. It’s the most rewarding career and I love my students dearly. I have a couple of amazing and perfect children, an awesome old-lady who is totally in charge and keeps me happy and healthy, and my life is good. I am blessed.

Thank you again for the membership. I am incredibly happy to be here and I can’t wait to get started collecting. I will try to read everything and see where to begin.

—Hit the Ground Runnin!!!


“We celebrate when the gang’s all here
Hot summer nights, you’re my time of the year!”

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Welcome Chuck !!

When you turn on your stereo, does it return the favor?

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If you’re looking for a friendly site at which you can acquire live VH recordings – you’ve come to the right place. Welcome!

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Hello there Chuck!

Stay Frosty

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Big Jon

Welcome to VHTrading Chuck !!

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Welcome Chuck..

EDDIE’S fingers aren’t fingers they are muscle-powered pistons that hammer guitar strings to the fretboard with the force of a rivet gun”.

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Chuck…I’ll PM you a few download links to get you re-started

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Hi Chuck, I had my place in college broken into back in the early 90′s and dude thieved every collectible/import I owned so I can definitely relate; glad to have you here.

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Thank each of you for the kind welcome! I’ve been reading up all I can on the forums! And “thismusicsux” thank you for the links! Much appreciated!

“We celebrate when the gang’s all here
Hot summer nights, you’re my time of the year!”


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