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Hi Everyone,hope you all doing well,

i have a file with all 6 volume of “All the kings men” but in way better audio/video quality that i had before and would like to know a software to split the volumes in 6 single files so that i can put each volume to a dvd.And another question is that i have Wonderfox HD video converter that does change video format and it’s suppose to convert regular 240,360,480p into hd but i never tried.Can someone tell me if i upgrade to hd 1080p starting from a 480p video if it will make a huge video upgrade and is it possible to do it?A huge Thank you to all.

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If your ultimate goal is to burn to DVD, I would avoid converting to HD. Video DVDs cannot contain HD content, so anything HD would have to be converted back down to 480 first. The more times you convert, the more the quality will suffer. Just like generation loss in analog audio/video.

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You mention ‘Wonderfox HD video converter’, which means that you are running Windows. Windows 10 has native support for ISO files. ISO files are containers, much like a ZIP file has other files inside. Double-click on an ISO file in Windows to open it and see the files inside, which you can then copy to other folders, do stuff with, etc…

Otherwise….what Jason said.


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