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Jump: 40th Anniversary of Attending the “1984″ Van Halen Concert
by Jim Serger (Author)

In 1984, five teenagers and two adults were given more than what they expected at a Van Halen concert. Forty-years ago, a band from Pasadena, California delivered one amazing concert in Cincinnati, Ohio. Van Halen gave these kids an experience that would last for years, one that they can recall instantly, especially when they hear the song, JUMP. Van Halen not only gave them an awesome concert, but created fans for life. 1984 was supposedly the year of doom and gloom, however for these boys it was the year that gave them an experience of a lifetime.

This true, coming-of-age story about an over-the-top concert gave these kids an energetic outlook on what life truly was supposed to be about, and created rock n’ roll enthusiasts for life. However, it is what happened before, during, and after the concert that gave these kids a new spin on what the power of music can do for any concertgoer. This nostalgic, true story of life-long friends will create a lust in the reader to attend concerts, create a lure to purchase albums, and a zest to never turn down the opportunity to spend time with friends.
JUMP will get your brain thinking about your experiences at concerts, your favorite bands, and the friendships you will never forget. It will give you a reason to JUMP for joy.

Print length 238 pages
Language English
Publisher Red Bike Publishing
ISBN-10: ‎ 1936800497

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Cincinnati residents remember 1984 Van Halen concert at Cincinnati Gardens through new book
Updated: 4:34 PM EST Dec 14, 2023
Matthew Dietz

CINCINNATI — One night, nearly 40 years ago, forever changed the lives of six Cincinnati residents, who went to see the legendary rock band Van Halen play at the Cincinnati Gardens.

Now, they are coming out with a new book called “Jump: 40th Anniversary of Attending the 1984 Van Halen Concert.”

On Thursday, WLWT was joined by two co-authors of the book, Jim Serger and Jim Myres, who both fondly remember that night.

Serger and Myres spoke with WLWT about the inspiration behind the book, which is available to purchase on Amazon.

See the full interview from WLWT’s 4 p.m. newscast in the video player.

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I’ve finished the book, but cannot recommend it. No offense intended to any of the authors or contributors, but ultimately this is not a book about a Van Halen concert.

It is a book about friendship and family. The 1984 Van Halen concert in Cincinnati is the event that bonds the group together, but the story really isn’t about the concert. Other than the section of photos at the end (stubs, autographs, and other merch) it was a disappointment for me. YMMV

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The interview here shows pages from the book. My book (for wahever reason) is different from the book they show. Mine doesn’t have page numbers, the captions for the pictures are formatted oddly, and sometimes not on the same page. It’s almost like I got some kind of reject copy.


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