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Civic Center
Springfield, MA
January 28, 1988
CBG Classic Master Video Series Vol.25

video: (CBG) master tape recorded with a Zenith VM6200 VHS-C camcorder in EP (extended play) mode; inserted into a Zenith VAC414 cassette adapter (to playback VHS-C tapes in a standard VHS deck); played through a JVC S-VHS HR-S8007UM VCR connected to a Canopus ADVC-110 via an S-Video cable (for video) and RCA cables (for audio); connected to the computer via firewire; video capture, editing, and 2-pass VBR encoding done with Sony Vegas Pro 12 at 8.2K max, 5.1K avg, 1K min; authored to DVD in Sony DVD Architect Pro 6.

audio: Aiwa-30A mic recorded through the Zenith VM6200′s external mic in jack; captured with the video from the master VHS-C analog tape; audio tweaking done using Sony Vegas Pro 12′s 10-band EQ plug-in; LPCM 1536 bit.

All video work and DVD authoring by Silver Stallion.

running time: 84 mins (full show)

1. Love Gun
2. Cold Gin
3. Bang Bang You
4. Fits Like A Glove
5. Crazy Crazy Nights
6. Shout It Out Loud
7. Bruce’s guitar solo
8. Eric’s drum solo
9. War Machine
10. Reason To Live
11. Heaven’s On Fire
12. Gene’s bass solo
13. I Love It Loud
14. Lick It Up
15. Rock ‘n Roll All Nite
16. Detroit Rock City

I only have one request, that you don’t take these files and post them on other torrent sites. I have many shows to upload. I will upload, let them get seeded by others and after a majority have downloaded the files completely, remove my files so I can seed something new. I prefer to manage my own shows on DIME and The Traders Den. I will upload to other sites when I wish to for select shows. Thanks for honoring my wishes in advance.

This is “CBG Classic Master Video Series Vol.25”.

The night before this show, I went to The Centrum in Worcester, MA to see these same bands. I attempted to film for the first time in Worcester on Dec 31st, 1987 and tried to film the Aerosmith New Year’s Eve show. They were playing there three nights and I tried NYE. I brought my camcorder and also my audio deck as a backup. When I got to the atrium in front of the box office windows, the search was really intense, frisking up and down on everyone. There was no way I was getting a camera into this arena on my back. I checked several side doors and all were heavy searches. I had scored 7th row seats at the box office earlier so I gave up and brought the camera back to my car and got the audio deck and went back in. I was willing to give up the 7th row floor seat and just go find a seat in the upper level had I gotten in with the camcorder, but it wasn’t meant to be. Oh well.

There were some real special songs that night, especially the version of Train Kept a Rollin where they did the 2nd album version where they start the song slow and then go to the fast version. Plus they brought all these girls onstage in hula straw skirts and they did Permanent Vacation. SetlistFM is wrong, I believe they played Vacation for the first time that night. They also brought all these characters in outfits onstage like father time, goofy, micky mouse, and others I can’t remember (this is why I like to have video to see it again) and had a big NYE celebration bringing their families out on stage and all. So this would have been a real cool one-off one time only performance to capture. What can you do?

So when I went to the Kiss/Ted show at the Worcester Centrum the night before, I figured the search would be the same as it was for Aerosmith NYE, and I didn’t bring the camcorder with me. Just planned on doing audio and would film the next night in Springfield. Well, that was the last time I didn’t bring the camcorder with me. I get to the same entrance atrium, and there is no one searching anybody! Are you kidding me? UGH…there was no way to drive all the way back to my home, get the camcorder, and drive back in time. Plus my camcorder batteries were not charged anyway. That sucked. I walked right into the atrium and to the ticket person and they just tore my ticket and let me in, no search at all. So this show was the show that changed my mind about trying every arena to get in regardless of what I thought about being able to get through the search or not. You never know.

Well, what made it an even worse of a feeling (again SetlistFM is wrong), was the set that Kiss played. I could have filmed it all and I was too stupid to not try. Just based on how it was for Aerosmith a month earlier on NYE. This is one of those shows that just sticks in my gut as a huge mistake. Then after I am inside, the whole show I spent looking up into the 2nd level in between songs at where I could be filming from. I proceeded to get more and more pissed as the show went on. Having an audio of it was no consolation prize. This was the night Kiss decided to make the live shoot for the ‘Turn On The Night’ MTV video. Actually, it was a song they never performed live that night or any other night. And in fact, after seeing the video, they used a smidge of the live video footage within the MTV video. There’s another pain in my gut. They played the first few songs of the set and then said they were going to film a new video live onstage. They had a crane boom camera stage left and they also had an extra lighting rig over the whole floor that lit up the entire audience 1st level and 2nd level. This was so the people in the crowd would be well lit for the video. They also had two gyroscopic cameras on stage where they glided level filming the band around the stage as they moved. The then proceeded to ‘play’ the song over the PA from the album and pretend like they were playing it live onstage. Then they did it a second time. After that, I was bummed I missed it. But that was just the beginning. After the whole main setlist was complete, they come back out for the encores and tell the audience that the production crew wants another take of the video. So Paul puts the long coat/cape back on and they do Turn On The Night a third time, again to the album music. Then they do it a fourth time. By now I am just angry at myself. Then they start to play songs themselves. I think I remember Oh Susannah, then they play Led Zeppelin’s “How Many More Times”, not the whole song, but some of it. WTF! Then they do Tears are Falling, then Strutter, and lastly Detroit Rock City. It the end, it was like having 6 encore songs.

Now I am in Springfield and I just filmed Ted Nugent. Kiss takes the stage and of course there is no light rig over the audience in Springfield. They do the regular setlist as they have been doing every night. I end up putting it on two different VHS-c tapes in EP (6 hour) speed. I switched out tape 2 for a new tape for the encores and figured I would change the speed to SP (2 hour) setting and get 20 minutes out of the tape instead of 60 minutes. Mainly because the encores will probably be 3 songs and that should fit fine and I will be able to see if the picture quality is any different in SP vs. EP. So Kiss comes out and they do ONE freakin’ song only!!! It’s Detroit Rock City. No Tears Are Falling, No Strutter, No anything else. There is 5 minutes on this tape 3 and that is it. Show over! The next night they did all three songs, but not this night. Probably because it is a second city to Boston (Worcester) and NYC (Nassau Coliseum). It is a small arena as I mentioned before. So I left pissed off that night even though I filmed both Ted and Kiss. It is probably the only time that I filmed Detroit Rock City (my favorite KISS song) and all the way through it as I was filming I was pissed off as it was playing. I knew when I heard the opening notes that DRC was the only song that was going to be played for the encore. I didn’t have the internet back then to see that most shows in smaller towns only had that song as an encore. I just thought at the time it was only Springfield. And the two cities are relatively close to one another, so there were probably alot of people who went to both shows that were pissed off about that on the walk out and drive home.

When I got home, I checked out the difference in the SP vs. EP speed on this camera and the only thing that was very noticeable was that the sound quality greatly improved in SP speed. That is why Detroit Rock City was so much better sounding to finish out the show. Well, I have gotten many great shows, but it is always those few shows that you didn’t get that you think about. That Worcester Kiss show was one of them for me. Not to mention the Aerosmith NYE show I didn’t get. This show was never released back in 1988 because of a certain M#$v who ran Kiss conventions in NJ that loved to sell everyone else’s stuff and make a living off of it. Not this one, I didn’t let it out mainly because of him. And didn’t really give out any shows after that as I switched to the new 8mm camcorder I bought a couple months later mainly because of him and others selling shows back then. I was just against supporting their living with all of my work. So try to enjoy the last show I filmed on the VHS-C camcorder and don’t think about how you could be watching How Many More Times, Tears Are Falling and Strutter in the encore along with 4 takes of Turn on the Night! (To Me it’s been fun to go back and relive these shows from the past, but this one, even though successful and unreleased, just creates a lump in my stomach of what should have been – I haven’t even watched it all the way through yet) CBG5150 Posted to DIME 2014-10-04.

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Just wondering if there is going to be some dropbox files for this show in the future.

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vanj: Just wondering if there is going to be some dropbox files for this show in the future.

PM me for dropbox links.


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