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Korn’s Ray Luzier on New Van Halen, Negativity and Korn’s “The Path of Totality.”

A few weeks ago I went to check out Korn in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the Rave. While I was there I got the chance to interview drummer Ray Luzier about all sorts of things, from playing with Jake E. Lee, David Lee Roth and Army of Anyone, to joining Korn and playing dubstep. During the interview a member of Korn makes a surprise appearance. Be sure to pick up Korn’s newest album “The Path of Totality,” it really is genius how they combined dubstep with the Korn sound. Also be sure to check out http://www.korn.com for everything Korn. You can listen to this interview if you download the Zoik! Podcast here.


Z!: I don’t get why, I’ve been a Korn fan for a long time and every album you hear people complaining, they’re not playing old stuff, and then three albums later they’re cheering for the songs they were complaining about.

RL: It’s always something man. Especially me being a drummer that’s now a member, it’s even worse. A lot of people can’t accept change, it’s like hey did you get a divorce? Yeah I did. Well what happened to your wife. It’s the same thing. It’s like people evolve and make changes and you either accept it and embrace it or you move on and listen to somebody else. The funny thing about it is, a lot of the diehard fans, I go on the web boards every once in awhile, there’s like 36 Korn fan sites out there, and I’ll just go on the Poland one for the fun of it because a lot of it’s in English and they’re bitching and bitching, and I’ve been in this band for 4 ½ years and it’s the same people bitching about it but yet they’re still here. They won’t leave, cuz you’d think if you’re that pissed go listen to another band if you’re that bummed about it. I get it, I’m a fan myself. I’m a huge Alice in Chains fan. They opened for us at a festival a couple of years ago, and just to see a new singer up there going. Are you kidding me? I wanted to hate that guy, but you know what he sang his heart out and he gave it his all. Of course it’s not going to be like the original, people need to wake up I think. I wasn’t expecting to hear the sound of Layne Staley, come on man. People are kind of dumb for me. I don’t know. Cuz I’m a fan, I get it. I freak out when a band. I’m freaking out. I was in David Lee Roth’s band for eight years. I’m a huge Van Halen fan. And the fact that Wolfgang Van Halen’s up there instead of Michael Anthony kills me cuz I want to see all four of those guys up there, but you know what that’s not the way it is and they had a falling out with Sammy and Sammy and Mike were best friends, and know that had something to do with it so Eddie’s sons up there. It bums me out every time I watch it I don’t even look at that side of the stage when I go see Van Halen now, but you know what that’s the way it is and people need to accept it.

Z!: Have you heard their new album?

RL: Yeah I actually dig a lot of it. Cheesy lyrics, from Dave, but I expected to hear that from him, but I think Eddie’s playing his ass off and Alex sounds great.

Z!: Who are you listening to now?

RL: Currently the Van Halen record, but um I listen to everything. I’m weird. I listen to the new Janes Addiction and I have the new Bjork, there are these rarities from Trent released from Nine Inch Nails. He has all these obscure remix things, I listen to them, but I have a one year old son so lately I’ve been listening to a lot of like freaking Wiggles to Disney stuff it’s driving me mental, but yeah I listen to everything man, whatever moves me emotionally. It doesn’t have to be technically or amazing, it’s just gotta be something that, John oh my god, this band has such an eclectic mix of styles. I mean John’s so into this DJ thing right now. Munk will come in and give me a cd and I’m like what is this cuz it’s this crazy mix of Linkin Park meets hiphop and you’re just like what is going on so there’s a lot of cool stuff out there. But for me being a diehard old school player it’s refreshing getting a Van Halen record going, but this is the new Van Halen like I don’t get that feeling a lot anymore. I used to get that feeling a couple of times a month, like my favorite artist would come up with a new record, I couldn’t wait to pop it in and that really hasn’t happened to me. It’s kind of a bummer. But it’s good that there’s still people out their kicking.


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Ummm…. cheesy lyrics? Really? Those are big words for a hired gun in a not relevant band. Enjoy playing parking lots to angry 13-year olds, ray.

Resident dickhead. I will hurt your delicate feelings.


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