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Not sure if it is all common knowledge but read this at links thought a few here might want to see it.
This is from a guy called barbedbob who I think writes for the UK magazine Classic Rock…

Someone – anyone – who ever gets to interview the guys in the band needs to ask about tunes like that. Maybe a twitter user could drop a question on Wolf, and plead with him to ask Ed.
Eddie told Guitar World in late ’83 that they had cut “thirteen tunes” for 1984. That doesn’t mean they were all finished, and as we all know, some tracks were probably recycled later on.
But, as I wrote in my Classic Rock article on the making of 1984 a couple of years ago, my hunch has always been that VH / WB decided track listings quite late in the day. Why do I think this? Well, why else would all the album covers – the original vinyl sleeves – have song titles listed in a random order? On ’1984′ the cover was even printed without a tracklist – instead it was a sticker slapped on the rear sleeve (certainly on the first print runs).
The answer, I think, is … they were still working on the order of the songs, and possibly even on what tunes made the final cut right up until the end.
So, Ted sent the band this schedule (below) in August ’83, with tunes ‘in the can’ to date … at that point in time. Note how close this was to the later stages of mixing and mastering, and it’s interesting that some of the tunes don’t even have titles (or, at least, they don’t have the titles they ended up with).

I also have some press clippings from late ’83 in a box where other song titles were mentioned (some we’ve heard of) – ‘Eat Your Neighbour’, ‘Blow the Man Down’ (the old traditional sea shanty!), ‘Anytime, Anyplace’ – as detailed on the Ted letter – and, of course, ‘In the Midnight Hour’ was also mentioned in various press rumours about what would be on the then upcoming 1984 album.

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I’d heard of this before…and I know for a fact that a pre-FUCK version of Right Now was supposed to be on 1984…with a guitar opening rather than piano. I have a friend who used to live at Nate Roth’s place…about the same time that Paraquat Kelly from the old KMET station in LA…and he was privy to a lot of this stuff. LMK see what I can find out from that perspective…

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just imagine how many unreleased songs are sitting in the 5150 vaults……..I would gladly go there for free and catalog it for Ed

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kaloway: just imagine how many unreleased songs are sitting in the 5150 vaults……..I would gladly go there for free and catalog it for Ed

I imagine that most of it sounds like the unreleased bits that VHND has been releasing. Mostly Ed with a shitty drum machine, but a goldmine of riffs. I’d love to hear outtakes of album tracks – different leads, vocals, etc..

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I have these docs hanging in my home office…

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Very nice piece!!

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