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Has anyone heard this before? I’ve never came across it but it sounds great, recorded at the Cotton Bowl on July 19, 1986:
“Eddie’s already cranked that sucker up!…The place in pandemonium! PANDEMONIUM!” shouts the hoarse DJ backstage as Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, Michael Anthony, and Sammy Hagar appear onstage before an audience of 70,000 at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas, to perform as THE headliner at the TEXXAS JAM rock concert on July 19, 1986. The intermittent live radio hookup was courtesy of the once-mighty, but now-long-defunct KTXQ-FM, better known at the time as Q102, “Texas Best Rock.” The first DJ to be heard is the legendary Doug “Redbeard” Hill who exchanges quips with Eddie about the shorts they are wearing. Then Michael Anthony can be heard laughing and saying “I’m ready!” Quick cut to Sammy Hagar, who insists “[We] owe you people a good one, and you’re gettin’ it right now!” Afterwards, Redbeard provides exhilarated “play-by-play” as the band takes the stage. You can just “feel” the excitement all around! The band then launches into the blistering opener “You Really Got Me.” On radio, DJ Bob Elliot takes the mic. Coverage resumes midway through “Summer Nights,” with Bob Elliot talking over Eddie’s guitar solo as the crowd roars! These are historic sounds of one of America’s greatest rock bands at the peak of its powers.
In retrospect, “5150” was probably the climax of the band’s career, and everyone involved was exceptionally pumped for the album, the tour, and this show!

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Heh, “Sammy HAY-grr”. :lol: Funny hearing a radio show doing blow by blow and color commentary of a concert.

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that was kinda neat to hear….

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