Long-time fans need a paid-for-that-music-already club. Here's why.

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Long-time fans need a paid-for-that-music-already club. Here’s why.

For the fourth time, I paid for a Van Halen track. No more new formats or at least give long-time fans a break. Please

Posted: Wednesday, February 19, 2014 5:30 am
By GINNIE GRAHAM, News Columnist

With the click of the mouse, I purchased Van Halen’s “Jamie’s Cryin’” for at least the fourth time.

First was an actual album, an LP, in the 80s.

It eventually scratched to the point of unlistenable.

Then, I upgraded to a cassette tape to play super loud while cruising our town square.

I was that cool, especially when “Running with the Devil” came on.

That led to a compact disc purchase, which was lost to too many college moves.

In running down an iTunes gift card and in a memory-lane mood, I safely downloaded the track into all my iStuff.

By my estimate that song has cost me about $40, plus I saw the band in concert for a ticket of at least $90.

This is not an argument for free music. Not at all.

But, when the next format arrives, can I get credit for the past investment?

Is there a way to sign up for the been-there, paid-that fan club?

Artists not riding on extreme fame and, at least at some point, fortune, are not necessarily on this ball field.

For the mega-stars, you guys have our money, multiple times over.

Looking down my list of iSongs, Queen has racked up only about $30 because I never saw them in concert or purchased merchandise.

The Replacements are a bit higher at about $150, if you include Paul Westerberg’s solo work.

Duran Duran, I love you, but I’m in for more than $600 going back to 1982 – songs, t-shirts, posters, albums, tapes, CDs and finally a concert.

R.E.M. has probably about $500 of my money, and U2 is slightly less.

Springsteen has me for about $400, but I know fans into the E Street Band for well into the thousands.

I’m scared to look at my Beatles portfolio.

Whenever someone like Lars Ulrich from Metallica wants to complain about digital music, I’d like to know how much a 45-year-old fan since age 12 has spent so far on the heavy metal uber-band.

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It eventually scratched to the point of unlistenable
That led to a compact disc purchase, which was lost to too many college moves

How are either one of these issues the artists fault?

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$600 on Duran Duran>>>>Not sure I would have told ANYONE that!!!!


The Ultimate in Van Halen Vinyl

Proud Member Since the First Year– Both VHTrading and the Band

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ron: http://www.tulsaworld.com/blogs/ginnie-graham-long-time-fans-need-a-paid-for-that/article_367a0a02-990b-11e3-b5b6-001a4bcf6878.htmlLong-time fans need a paid-for-that-music-already club. Here’s why.But, when the next format arrives, can I get credit for the past investment?

I feel your pain but no one is making you buy the tunes. Keep that CD keep it in good condition and rip it to whatever format. As far as remixes or remasters … they are technically different so yeah you should probably have to buy it again. Kindda sucks but if you don’t like the songs that much … don’t bother. I understand the point and I feel the pain but if he just took care of his music in the first place he wouldn’t have to replace it.

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I kinda see a compelling argument here, though completely unenforceable. I am all for protecting an artists rights and integrity in how their music is accessed and used, particularly new artists trying to make their way and to get some money behind them by whatever means they can, but it gets to a point where the ethic becomes corrupted, effectively devaluing the merit of the music. Perhaps there should be a simple cut off point measured by either a period of time or revenue earned? Let’s not forget that there are kids out there in need of inspiration with little or no disposable income and I do wonder that when every musician sets out, is it for the money?

I have spent quite a bit of time in Iceland over the last couple of years and plan to move there one day. Their music is part of the culture and my favourite all time fact about Icelanders is that every third person living there is in a band!!! I kid you not. Consequently there is such a rich, extensive gathering of high quality bands and artists across all genres, recording music, essentially as part of their own personal legacy. With only a population of around 300,000, no-one can make it rich on internal sales and only a handful of artists have broken out into global markets (Sigur Ros, Bjork, Of Monsters, Emiliani Torrini) but that doesn’t stop them, because that is not their aim. You can pick the moral out of this yourself, but contributing to the culture is reward in itself. Check out Iceland Airwaves by the way, which is an annual music festival of the highest order.

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I first got VH1 on 8 Track, then LP, then on CD, then again on the remastered CD.

The remaster was like $8 or $9 brand new, equivalent to LP prices back in the day.

Boohoo, I was robbed. :mrgreen:

When you turn on your stereo, does it return the favor?


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