LWAN hidden video!!!

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September 24, 2017 at 3:09 am Quote #57274


So, I heard that there was an easter egg on the Live Without A Net DVD, When I ripped LWAN to see if I could find the hidden video this is what I found- https://youtu.be/9SBE5kiqe6U
What could this short, silent, video clip possibly have to do with Van Halen? I am a huge LWAN fan, any extras of that film intrigue me. I realize that it’s probably something Warner Bros Video was working on but still it’s interesting that it was included. BTW where is the Blu Ray of this show,

September 25, 2017 at 1:19 pm Quote #57285


I can’t believe it … either I forgot it or never knew it … but I didn’t know there was an easter egg on Live Without A Net.

You probably will never see a Blu Ray.

A lot of Rush fans were asking for a Blu Ray of Exit Stage Left or A Show Of Hands and if I’m remembering thing correctly, Geddy responded, “It would be pointless” or something like that. I think the response would be similar for people asking for A Live Without A Net Blu Ray … it is pointless. That’s not saying I wouldn’t like to see it but just I doubt we ever will.

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Probably done by some video/computer nerd working on the project without the knowledge or permission of the band. I think Disney artists used to do the same thing – hide stuff in movies just for their own personal enjoyment.
I like knowing stuff like that is out there. It always makes you wonder what you might be missing!

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The video is so strange and random. Definitely foreign, looks almost like a reality show. Then there’s the 3 wheeled car, the strangest bicycle, the old guy’s mustache and the teal guitar. I checked LRHRN too, haven’t found anything yet. The whole Blu Ray argument is bs because LWAN was shot on film and film can be converted to a beautiful HD print if done right, plus there was the lost footage from the first night and the great Unleashed special. Oh well, another Van Halen mystery I guess.

September 25, 2017 at 7:21 pm Quote #57292


That is bizarre.


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