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Hey gang! Here is my collection! (I am trying to move to 100 percent Lossless but it takes some time) Please let me know if anyone is up for a trade. I am happy to share. REALLY hoping to grow my Van Hagar and Montrose collection. Please let me know if there are any errors or issues to correct and I will do so. I use Mega (I prefer) and just downloaded BitTorrent if needed. I have close to 200 Led Zeppelin concerts, but most are mp3 so I am trying to collect the FLAC versions of each of those, but I have put that on the back burner while I focus on Van Hagar, Montrose, and Sammy solo.

My main bands that I collect are:
Van Hagar
Sammy solo
Montrose (with Sam)
Dave Matthews Band
Jack White
The White Stripes

—Thank you everyone

1978.10.23 Vereeningning Hall, Nijmegen Netherlands (FLAC)
1979.10.16 Towson, Maryland USA (mp3)
1979.11.12 Jaap Edenhal, Amsterdam Netherlands (FLAC)

Live at Glastonbury 2016 (mp3)

1973-03-20 Boston MASS USA (FLAC)
1974-04-07 Detroit Michigan, USA (The Michigan Palace) (mp3)
1974-07-02 Roslyn, New York (My Father’s Place) (mp3)
1990-11-08 New York, Unplugged on MTV (mp3)
1994-04-06 Monsters of Rock Festival England CD1 (mp3)
1994-04-06 Monsters of Rock Festival England CD2 (mp3)

Alice In Chains:
1990-12-22 Seattle USA (The Moore Theatre)
1992-11-29 live at the Concert Hall, Toronto Canada
1992.12.15 Palladium, Los Angeles California USA (FLAC)
1993-01-08 Honolulu, Hawaii (The Aloha Tower)
1993-12-23 Osaka Japan Live
1991-06-10 Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles CA 1991 {RIP Mag Annv Party}
1993.01.08 Dallas Texas, Coca-Cola Starplex

Bob Dylan:
1965 Newport Folk Festival (Dylan Goes Electric)

1977.10.16 Long Beach, California (mp3)
1979.04.19 Tokyo Japan (FLAC)


Chris Cornell:
Live in Sweden 2006 Unplugged
2006-07-09 O-Baren, Stockholm, Sweden
2011-11-13 live at the SWU Festival, Brazil
2015-12-13 KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas CD 1

Counting Crows:
1994-12-1 Wetlands, New York, USA,
2004.11.16 Live At Hammerstein Ballroom 11/16/04 [Disc 1]
2004.11.16 Live At Hammerstein Ballroom 11/16/04 [Disc 2]
2009-12-11 The Orange Peel, Asheville NC
2013-4-10 Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia

1966.11.15 London, England (mp3)

Dave Matthews Band
1993-04-02 Salem College, Winston Salem N.C.
1993-07-06 Trax Night Club, Charlottesville, Virginia
1995-05-10 Yoshi’s, San Francisco CA, FM
1995-08-15 Live from Red Rocks, Colorado USA
1995-12-30 Hampton Coliseum, Hampton Virginia
1995 Live at Farm Aid
1999-07-24 live at Woodstock 1999
2001-03-12 WHFS Radio Broadcast, Cantonsville Maryland
2001-03-19 KMTT Radio Broadcast, Los Angeles California
2001-03-21 KROQ Radio Broadcast, Los Angeles California
2014-07-15 Live at Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena
2009-08-10 Austin City Limits, Austin Texas
2010-06-13 Bonnaroo Festival, USA CD 1
2010-06-13 Bonnaroo Festival, USA CD 2

David Bowie:
1972.10.01 Boston Music Hall (FLAC)
1976.03.23 The Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale New York (FLAC)

Def Leppard:
1983.09.11 L.A. Forum, Inglewood California USA (FLAC)

Dire Straits:
1981.05.07 Werchter Festival, Brussels Belgium (mp3)

Eric Clapton:
1974.07.07 Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City New Jersey
1994 Live from the Fillmore West, San Francisco California
1994.09.28 Blues Tour Rehearsals New York City

Fleetwood Mac:
1977.05.18 Oklahoma City Fairgrounds Arena (FLAC)

1998-12-12 KROQ Radio Almost Christmas Festival, Los Angeles California

Guns N Roses:
1987.06.28 London England live from the Marquee
1988.02.02 New York City, Live at the Ritz

1977.08.10 Upper Darby, Penn USA, Live from the Tower Theatre
1977.08.14 Universal Amphitheatre Los Angeles California (FLAC)
1978.03.18 Ontario California, California Jam 1978 Festival
1979.01.26 Passaic New Jersey, Capital Theatre
1985.08.25 Live from Memphis Tennessee, King Biscuit Flower Hour FM Radio Broadcast
1987.08.30 Portland, Oregon USA, Live from the Coliseum

1995-01-13 The Palace, Melbourne Australia
1995.04.05 Brixton Academy, London England

Jack White:
2012-04-27 – Webster Hall – New York, NY
2012-05-22 – Roseland Ballroom – New York, NY
2012-07-01 – Eurockéennes de Belfort – Malsaucy, FR
2012-07-05 – Lollapalooza – Chicago, IL
2012-07-27 – Splendour In The Grass Festival – Byron Bay, AUS
2012-09-08 – The Roundhouse – London, ENG
2014-06-14 (whole show, one track) Fonda Theatre
2014-07-23 – The Chicago Theater – Chicago, IL (FM Broadcast)
2012-07-03 – Grand Studio RTL – Paris, FR
2014-07-06 Roskilde Festival, Denmark

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant:
1995-03-07 Orlando Arena, Orlando Florida USA
1995-05-20 San Jose Arena, San Jose USA (stunning sound)
1995-06-25 Glastonbury Festival, England
1995-10-03 Irvine Meadows Ampth., California USA
1996-01-23 Estadio Sausalito, Vina Del Mar, Chile
1996-02-05 Budokan Hall, Tokyo Japan
1998-03-30 La Cigalle, Paris France

Johnny Cash:
2003-07-05 Hiltons Virginia, Carter Family Hold (Last Concert ever before his passing)

Journey :
1979-05-28 The Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, Ill USA
1983-07-21 Lloyd Noble Arena, Norman Oklahoma USA

Joy Division:
1979-1980 I’m Not Afraid Anymore Sessions

Led Zeppelin:

Box Sets Led Zep:

Led Zep (10CD Box Set 1973 Soundboards) Ascension In The Wane(2012) [FLAC]
1972. Japan BOX SET 13DISCS (LSD) FLAC

1969.01.11 Led Zeppelin FLAC
1969.04.25 Led Zep FLAC
1969.04.27 Led Zep Avocado Blues FLAC
1969.12.06 Led Zep FLAC
1970.09.19 Have You Ever Experienced (Tarantura – TCD-17-1~TCD-17-2~TCD-17-3~TCD-17-4)
1972.06.22 LedZep San Bernardino [FLAC]
1972.06.25 Led Zep The Forum Inglewood FLAC
1972.06.27 LedZep Long Beach California [FLAC]
1972.06.28 Led Zep Tuscon AZ [FLAC]
1972.10.02 Led Zep- Budokan, Tokyo (The Hard Truth) FLAC
1972.10.03 Led Zep – Budokan, Tokyo (Tokyo 1972 2nd Night) FLAC
1972.10.03 Led Zep1972-10-03 Japan FLAC
1973.01.22 Led Zep Southampton FLAC (Probably one of the best shows of all time)
1973.05.05 Led Zep Tampa (Tarantura) FLAC
1973.05.14 Led Zep Bourbon Street 6CDBOXSET FLAC
1973.05.18 Led Zep Dallas TX FLAC
1973.06.03 Led Zep Inglewood FLAC
1973.07.06 Led Zep Chicago Warm Ups FLAC
1973.07.15 LedZep Buffalo NY FLAC
1973.07.27-28-29 Led Zep The Garden Tapes TSRTS Concerts FLAC
1973.07.29.Led Zep The Garden Tapes FLAC
1975.01.12 Led Zep FLAC
1975.01.20 Led Zep FLAC
1975.01.25 Led Zep Indianapolis FLAC
1975.01.29 Led Zep FLAC
1975.02.12 Led Zep MSG NY FLAC
1975.02.14 Uniondale NY Hempstead FLAC
1975.02.12 MSG NY Definitive Flying Circus FLAC
1975.02.12 New York City(Stereo Master) FLAC
1975.02.12 MSG NY Definitive Flying Circus FLAC
1975.02.12 MSG NY That’s Alright New York (SndBrd) FLAC
1975.02.14 Uniondale sbd aud Mix FLAC
1975.03.19 Led Zeppelin Vancouver Canadian Crush FLAC
1975.03.20 Led Zeppelin Vancouver Canadian Crush FLAC
1975.03.24 Led Zep The Forum, Inglewood, Ca (Get Back To LA – Tarantura) FLAC
1975.03.25 Led Zep The Forum, Inglewood, Ca (Get Back To LA – Tarantura) FLAC
1975.03.27 Led Zep The Forum, Inglewood, Ca (Get Back To LA – Tarantura) FLAC
1975.05.24 Led Zep BOX SET EarlsCourtBoxSet FLAC
1977.04 Led Zep APRIL1977 Chicago Great Fire Boxset FLAC
1977.05.25 Led Zep Your Teenage Dream FLAC
1977.05.26 Led Zep Thunderous Break FLAC
1977.07.24 Led Zep The Last Concert In America – Oakland [FLAC]

1973-04-21 Live from the Record Plant, Sausalito California ‘73
1974-04-21 Cleveland Ohio USA (ALAC Lossless)

Our Lady Peace:
1999-07-25 Live at Woodstock ‘99

Parliament Funkadelic:
1976 Live from Denver, Colorado USA (The Rocky Mountain Shakedown)
1978.12.08 Jaad Eden Halle, Amsterdam Holland

Paul Simon:
2000-08-2012 Beacon Theatre, New York City (mp3)

Pink Floyd:
1975.06.28 Ontario Canada, Ivor Wynne Stadium (Hamilton ’75 Master Reel)

1975.12.24 Hammersmith Odeon, London England (FLAC)
1977-05-30 The Apollo Theatre Glasgow, United Kingdom
1981-03-20 Morumbi Stadium, Sao Paulo Brazil
1985-05-15 Osaka Japan
1986-06-21 Mannheim Germany
1986-08-09 Knebworth, United Kingdom

1993-06-04, Magasinet, Göteborg Sweden, FM
1995-05-02, RAI Studios, Rome Italy, FM
1995-11-06, Corn Exchange, Cambridge England, SBD
1996-04-13, Avalon, Boston MA, FM
1997-06-24, Vredenburg, Utrecht Netherlands
Live in Concert on Jools Holland BBC, June 9, 2001
2001-07-07 South Park, Oxford England, FM
2003-06-04, Electric Lady Studios, New York NY, FM
2003-11-26, Earl’s Court, London England, FM
2006-6-17 BONNAROO Festival, USA CD 1
2006-08-15 Rock Oz’Arenes, Avenches Switzerland
2009-03-27 Pista Atlética, Santiago, Chile
2017-6-30 Rock Werchter Festival, Belgium CD1
2017-6-30 Rock Werchter Festival, Belgium CD2
2017-6-16 the I-Days Festival, Italy CD 1
2017-6-16 the I-Days Festival, Italy CD 2

Red Hot Chili Peppers:
Live at The Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands,10-16-1995
Live at the Pinkpop Festival, Netherlands 1990-4-06
Live at the Reading Festival, England, 29-08-1999
LIVE from Dalymount Park, Dublin, Ireland, 8-25-1994
Live from Sydney Entertainment Centre Sydney, Australia 5-14-1996
Live Lollapalooza Festival, Chicago 2016

1980-10-04, Tyrone’s, Athens GA, bootleg
1981-09-23, Tyrone’s OC, Athens GA, SBD
1982-10-22, I&I Club, Athens GA, SBD
1983-09-30, Stichcraft, Athens GA, SBD
1984-04-20, Theatre El Dorado, Paris France, SBD
1985-05-10, Stock Pavilion, Madison WI, SBD
1986-10-17 Oriental Theatre, Milwaukee WI, bootleg
1989-04-29 and 4-30 at Miami and Orlando, USA
1989-09-15, Great Woods, Mansfield MA, SBD
1989.04.29 Miami Florida (FLAC)
1989.04.30 Orlando Florida (FLAC)
1991-09-13, Borderline, London England, bootleg
1995-07-30 Milton Keynes, England CD 1
1995-07-30 Milton Keynes, England CD 2
1998-02-11 Grünspan Hamburg, Germany, 1998
1999-08-31, Chastain Park Amphitheatre, Atlanta GA, FM
2001-02-05, studio, MTV Sonic
2003-06-27 Glastonbury Festival, England CD1
2003-06-27 Glastonbury Festival, England CD2
2005-07-02, St Gallen Open Air, St Gallen Switzerland
2008-03-24, Royal Albert Hall, London England, FM

Robert Plant:
1988.02.03 The Marquee Club, London England
1988.05.23 The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA USA (Open Arms)
1993.06.25 Glastonbury Festival
1993.06.25 Glastonbury Festival, England

Sammy Hagar:
1977-11-19 Live At Winterland, San Francisco {mp3}
1977.03.22 Austin Texas USA FM Radio Broadcast (ALAC Lossless)
1977.03.22 Austin, Texas The Armadillo World Headquarters Arena
1977.05.02 Los Angeles Record Plant, KMET FM Radio Broadcast (AL…
1978.01.19 Commodore Ballroom Vancouver, Canada (ALAC Lossless)
1979.11.04 Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston Texas USA (ALAC Loss…
1979.11.23 St. Louis Checkerdome WMET FM Radio Broadcast (ALA…
1980.05.06 Paris France, The Bataclan (ALAC Lossless)
1982-01-28 Glasgow, Scotland (The Apollo Theatre FM Broadcast) {m…
1982.01.28 Glasgow, Scotland FM Radio Broadcast (ALAC Lossless)
1982.06.16 Bakersfield, California USA 1982 {mp3}
1983.03.13 St. Louis Checkerdome USA (MTV Broadcast) {mp3}
1983.06.22 Nashville Tennessee {Westwood 1 FM Radio Broadcast}
1983.06.22 Nashville TN {Westwood 1 FM Radio Broadcast} (ALAC L…
1983.11.14 San Jose Civic Auditorium {ALAC Lossless}
1984.10.13 Cobo Hall Detroit, Michigan (WLLZ 98.7 FM Broadcast) {…
1984.10.13 Detroit, Michigan (WLLZ 98.7 FM Broadcast) {ALAC Lossl…
1984.10.21 Kalamazoo, Michigan USA {mp3}
1985.01.18 San Fran Cow Palace {ALAC Lossless}
1985.09.22 Live at Farm Aid 1985 with Eddie Van Halen {mp3}
1988.03.02 11th Annual Bammie Awards, San Fran (ALAC) {Sammy plays with Journey on 2 songs!!!}
1989.02.25 12th Annual Bammie Awards, San Fran (ALAC)
1994.03.03 Late Nite with David Letterman, New York City {mp3}
1997.05.24 (not great audience recording) Kansas City Liberty Memor…
1997.08.31 Red Rocks Colorado FM Radio Broadcast {ALAC Lossless}
1997.08.31 Red Rocks Colorado USA {mp3}
1997.09.16 Orlando Florida House of Blues (FM Broadcast) {mp3}
1999 Live from the Cabo Wabo ’99 (Best Buy Exclusive 3 song CD) {…
1999.03.20 Los Angeles, California The Hard Rock (SFX FM Radio B…
2002.05.18 Live In Las Vegas USA (mp3)
2003.09.17 Live and Raw in Cabo {3 songs} (ALAC Lossless)
2004.03.09 Palms Casino, Las Vegas Nevada (mp3)
2004.05.01 Cabo Wabo Tahoe, Harrahs Lake Tahoe South Shore Roo…
2004.05.02 Lake Tahoe Cabo Wabo (CD1) {ALAC Lossless}
2004.05.02 Lake Tahoe Cabo Wabo (CD2) {ALAC Lossless}
2017-06-02 Thackerville, OK (Winstar World Casino) {mp3} (great sound!)

1970-10-18 Village Recorder Studios, San Fran USA (with Eric Clapton)
1971-05-02 Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland
1972-12-01 De Doelen, Rotterdam Netherlands
1974-09-23 University Arena, Albuquerque New Mexico USA
1976 Festival Rehearsals Auttomat Studios, San Fran California
1978-10-16 The Bottom Line, New York New York USA

Stone Temple Pilots:
1993-07-16 Forest Lake, Minnosota USA
1993-08-19 Lowlands Fest, Netherlands ‘93
1994-08-22 The Centrum, Worchester USA
1993-08-27 Reading Festival, England
1994-01-11 Paradiso Amsterdam, Netherlands
1994-12-12 KROQ Almost Christmas Show, Los Angeles
1996-09-11 San Jose California USA
1999-08-18 House of Blues, Las Vegas Nevada USA
2000-06-30 Nautica Stage, Cleveland USA
2000-08-03 VH1 Storytellers Show, Metropolis Studios New York (not a bootleg but worth hearing!)
2001-04-08 The Rolling Rock Town Fair, Latrobe Penn USA

The Beatles:
1964-06-17 Festival Hall, Melbourne Australia
1966-06-24 Munich Germany, Circus Krone Bau (the Afternoon show)
1966-06-30 Budokan Hall, Tokyo Japan

The Police:
1979-03-05 University of California, Davis California USA
1980-01-11 Hamburg Germany
2008-08-06 Live from New York, on Elvis Costello’s show

The Ramones:
1979-06-08 City Hall Plaza, San Francisco (27 songs, this is the concert you want!)

The Rolling Stones:
1972-07-21 The Spectrum, Philadelphia PA
1973-02-24 Cricket Ground, Perth Australia, SBD
1978-06-14 Capitol Theatre, Passaic NJ, SBD
1995-07-27 Espace Grammont, Montpellier France
2013-6-29 live at Glastonbury Festival, England

The White Stripes:
The Legendary Lost Tapes Set of Rarities
2000-09-23 – WMBR Sessions – Boston, MA
2001-06-12 – The Forum – London, UK
2002-06-28 The Glastonbury Festival, England
2002.07.09 – Indianapolis, IN USA (Audience recording)
2003-04-20 Orpheum Theatre, Boston
2003-05-19 Casino Berlin, Germany
2004-01-27 and 28 Under Blackpool Lights (Live DVD audio)
2004-08-24 The Lowlands Festival, Netherlands
2004-08-24 Lowlands Festival, Netherlands,
2004-08-29 The Leeds Festival, England
2008-08-01 – Lollapalooza – Chicago, IL

The Who:
1969 Soundboards Boxset (6 Disc set)

1993-04-02 The Loft, Berlin, Germany 1993
1993-11-06 Geneve, Switzerland The Palladium
1993-02-23 The Riverside, Newcastle, England
1993-06-08 Irwindale California, Sante Fe Dam Lollapalooza Festival
1993.01.08 Dallas Texas, Coca-Cola Starplex

1978-11-01 live from Keystone Studios Dublin, Ireland
1980 live Washington, District of Columbia
1980-10-14 Live at KRO Studios, Hilversum Netherlands
1981 Belfast, Northern Ireland
1981-05-11 Denver, Colorado Boy Tour
1981-05-15 San Francisco, California Boy Tour
1981-10-30 – Amsterdam, October Tour
1981-11-28 – Hollywood, California Palladium October Tour
1981-12-13 Lido Beach, New York
1982 – London, England BBC
1982-03-17 The Ritz, New York USA
1982-07-04 – Werchter, Belgium October Tour
1982-12-01 Tiffany’s Glasgow, United Kingdom Disc 1
1982-12-06 Hammersmith Palais London, England
1983-05-06 – Boston, Mass USA
1983-07-02 Torhout Festival Belgium
1983-08-20 live at Loreley
1984-10-23 Nantes, France Unforgettable Fire Tour
1984-11-21 Westfalenhalle Dortmund, Germany Unforgettable Fire Tour
1985-03-27 Montreal, Quebec Canada
1985-07-13 live from London, England at Live Aid
1986-05-17 Dublin, Ireland live from Self-Aid
1987-06-12 – Wembley Stadium, London JT Disc 1
1987-06-12 – Wembley Stadium, London JT Disc 2
1987-06-27 Dublin, Ireland JT Tour
1987-07-04 Live from Paris France
1987-10-09 Syracuse, New York USA
1987-11-07 Denver, Colorado USA JT Tour
1987-12-19 Tempe Arizona, JT Tour
1988-10-16 Smile Jamaica Concert, London England
1989-10-27 Adelaide, Australia
1989-12-26 X-Mas at the Point Depot
1992-03-21 Albany, New York Knickerbocker Arena Zoo TV
1992-6-11 Stockholm Zoo TV
1992-06-11 Zoo TV – Live from Stockholm Disc 1
1992-06-11 Zoo TV – Live from Stockholm Disc 2
1992-06-15 Rotterdam – Noisless Definitive SBD-AUD Matrix
1992-08-16 RFK Stadium, Washington DC USA Zoo TV
1992-09-09 Pontiac, Michigan Silverdome Anena Zoo TV
1992-10-14 Houston, Texas Zoo TV Disc 1
1993-06-30 Zoo TV Basel, Switzerland Disc 1
1993-08-28 Dublin, Ireland RDS Stadium (Day 2)
1993-11-16 Adelaide, Australia Zoo TV (Probably one of their best shows ever)
1997-04-25 Las Vegas, Nevada Pop Mart Tour
1997-06-15 Commonwealth Stadium, Canada Pop Mart Tour
1997-07-31 Mannheim, Germany
1997-08-28 – Leeds University, United Kingdom Popmart Tour
1997-09-23 Sarajevo Pop Mart Tour
1997-09-30 – Tel Aviv, Israel Popmart Tour
1997-11-14 Miami, Florida Pop Mart Tour
1998-02-06 Buenos Aires, Argentina Pop Mart Tour
1998-11-20 live from Dublin Ireland, Omagh Tribute tv show
2000-10-23 London BBC Radio 1 from Maida Vale Studios
2000-10-27 live from in Los Angeles, CA
2000-12-05 Irving Plaza New York, New York
2001-03-24 Sunrise, Florida USA Elevation Tour
2001-05-03 Cleveland, Ohio USA Elevation Tour
2001-10-10 South Bend, Indiana USA Elevation Tour
2001-10-25 – New York, NY
2001-11-30 – Atlanta, Georgia USA Elevation Tour
2004-10-16 Live at the Riverside Studios, London
2004-11-16 Hanover Quay Studio, Dublin BBC1 Zane Lowe Show
2004-11-20 Saturday Nite Live 2004, New York USA
2004-12-02 live from the BBC Studios, London
2005-06-18 Twickenham Stadium (Triple Matrix)
2005-12-04 – Audience Recording Boston, MA
2006-02-20 Sao Paulo, Brazil Morumbi Stadium Vertigo Tour
2006-03-02 Buenos Aires, Argentina TV Broadcast (audio) Vertigo Tour
2009-02-08 Grammy Awards performance Staples Center, Los Ang.
2009-02-18 Live from London at the Brit Awards performance, Earl’s Court
2009-02-21 live from the Echo Awards Berlin, Germany O2 World
2009-02-27 live from the London Broadcasting House rooftop, BBC Radio
2009-03-02 David Letterman show March 2-4, 2009 Ed Sullivan Theatre
2009-03-11 FM show and Interview, Somerville Theatre Boston, MA
2009-05-29 Dublin RTE Studios Late-Late Show song
2009-08-20 Sheffield
2011-02-18 Cape Town, South Africa
2011-04-13 Sao Paulo, Brazil 360 Tour (BGi ReMaster)
2011-4-13th live from Sao Paulo, Brazil (different mix)
2011-06-24 live at Glastonbury Festival, England
2011-07-09 Montreal, Quebec Hippodrome de Montreal
2014-09-11 live from Cupertino, California one song
2014-09-22 live from Dublin, Ireland St. James Gate Brewery for one song
2014-10-12 live from Milan, Italy RAI Studios for one song
2014-10-15 London, England from the Maida Vale Studios
2014-10-17 London from the Graham Norton’s Show
2014-10-21 Maidstone, England from the Maidstone Studios
2014-10-24 Oberhausen, Germany Funkhaus Radio performance
2014-11-13 live from the Potsdamer Platz Stage Theatre Berlin, Germany
2014-12-01 Times Square, New York performance with special guests
2015-05-04 42nd Street Subway Grand Central Station, New York
2015-05-04 Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show, New York
2015-06-12 – Montreal “(Put It There) With A Magi…
2015-06-17 Audience Recording Montreal Canada ie Tour 4th Nite
2015-06-24 Audience Recording United Center Chicago, IL ie Tour
2015-07-06 Audience Recording, Toronto Canada
2015-10-16 TFI Studio London England
2015-11-02 London England, O2 Arena (Sinatra 100 Tribute)
2017-05-23 Jimmy Kimmel Live interview/performance Hollywood, CA

Van Halen:
1977.10.15 Pasadena Convention Center (ALAC Lossless)
1979-04-18 Vancouver, BC Canada (The Pacific Coliseum)
1980-5-01 Capitol Theatre, Largo Maryland USA
1983.02.05 Uruguay Diver Down Tour (ALAC Lossless)
1986.03.28 Little Rock Arkansas USA {mp3}
1986.05.02 Fort Wayne Indiana {ALAC Lossless}
1986.05.09 Detroit, Michigan (ALAC Lossless}
1986.08.27 live from New Haven, CT (5150 Tour Live Without a Net D…
1988.05.27 Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy WI {ALAC}
1988-05-28 (Great Audience recording) East Troy, WI USA (Alpine Valle…
1988-07-03 live Dallas, TX Monsters of Rock Tour
1989.02.01 live from the Tokyo Dome, Japan
1990-04-21 live from the Cabo Wabo (audience)
1991 Andy Johns DAT For Unlawful Demos (partial, incomplete)
1991 Live Free Show Dallas, TX (raw pro footage)
1991-12-10 live from Jacksonville, FL USA (audience)
1993-04-10 Live in Oslo, Norway (excellent audience Master)
1993-7-06 (Audience recording) Middletown, New York (Orange Coun.)
1995-01-27 Luxor Club, Arnhem, The Netherlands Fan Club show {m…
1995-01-30 The Factory, Milan Italy (Soundboard) {mp3}
1995-03-11 Pensacola, FL Civic Center {mp3}
1995-06-24 Wembley Stadium, London UK (BBC Broadcast) {mp3}
1995 Live from Toronto Canada, Molson Ampth. Disc 1
1995 Live from Toronto Canada, Molson Ampth. Disc 2
1995-05-14 (Audience recording) San Jose, California
1995-10-15 (Audience recording) Irvine, Calivornia (Irvine Meadows)
1995 Balance Concert Tour Compilation Best of Live (DISC 1) {mp3}
1995 Balance Concert Tour Compilation Best of Live (DISC 2) {mp3}

Van Morrison:
1970-10-09 Fillmore West, San Francisco California
1971-09-05 Pacific High Recorders, Marin California

Waren Zevon:
1980.04.18 Capitol, Passaic New Jersey (FLAC)
1985.05.23 Live at Rockefelleris, Houston Texas
1994.08.26 Asbury Park, New Jersey USA

1997-05-10 The Fillmore, San Fran CA (Set 1)
1997-05-10 The Fillmore, San Fran CA (Set 2)
1999-02-07 Roskilde Festival, Denmark
2005-02-24 The 9:30 Club, Washington DC
2008-02-16 Riviera Theatre Chicago, IL (Set One)
2008-02-16 Riviera Theatre Chicago, IL (Set Two)
2017-02-25 Chicago Theatre, Chicago IL USA (SET ONE)
2017-02-25 Chicago Theatre, Chicago IL USA (SET TWO)

ZZ Top:
1980-04-05 Clarkston, MI USA
1983-10-23 Falkoner Theatre, Copenhagen Denmark

“We celebrate when the gang’s all here
Hot summer nights, you’re my time of the year!”

August 2, 2017 at 9:39 pm Quote #56967


If a show isn’t listed as FLAC or MP3, is it WAV ?

When you turn on your stereo, does it return the favor?

August 2, 2017 at 10:52 pm Quote #56969


My collection is in iTunes since I am not a computer savvy type. Can you tell me how to look and find out what type of files they are? My apologies, I feel foolish not knowing!

If you can walk me through it I can update the list!

“We celebrate when the gang’s all here
Hot summer nights, you’re my time of the year!”

August 3, 2017 at 10:32 pm Quote #56981


I’m not hip to iTunes but you can right click a file and choose ‘properties’ to find out more about a file.

When you turn on your stereo, does it return the favor?

August 4, 2017 at 12:22 am Quote #56983


In iTunes, right click on the song and choose Get Info. Or go to Edit/Get Info. Then click the File tab in the window that pops up. It will show you whatcha got.


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