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May 1, 2023 at 2:56 pm Quote #66427

Vince G.

Received this book a few minutes ago.

Van Halen: “Every Album, Every Song (On Track)”

“Van Halen are arguably America’s greatest ever rock n’ roll band. From inauspicious roots as a backyard covers outfit, they went on to revolutionise and revitalise heavy rock, creating a world-conquering blend of heavy metal power, punk energy and pop hooks. Armed with staggering musical virtuosity and irresistible charisma, they sold millions of records and spawned legions of imitators. From their humble origins and meteoric rise, through some dark, troubled years, to their triumphant rebirth, the band produced a remarkable body of work. In this thorough and illuminating book, Morgan Brown guides us song by song through the band’s classic albums, charting their development from Sunset Strip upstarts to multi-platinum stadium rockers and beyond. We’ll examine the music’s ingredients and inspirations, and meet the characters behind the songs, including visionary guitar genius, the late Edward Van Halen, motormouth master showman David Lee Roth, and his replacement, powerful vocalist Sammy Hagar, who ushered in a new era for the band. Equally suitable for inquisitive new listeners or long-time fans, this book is both an in-depth guide to, and an enthusiastic celebration of the career of a truly legendary band. Feel like diving in? Well, as Roth said, go ahead and jump!”

There’s a decent supply of photos in the middle of the book, and this is in paperback format.


Since I’m home from work for a few more weeks I’ll start reading it soon.

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