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The multicam video for Phoenix, AZ of 9/28/2015 is done and can be downloaded from my Google drive at the link below. You’ll need to uncompress. The file is 8 GB.

A decade ago, I’d put together the multicam for the Phoenix 2012 show using original hi-res files after a months-long search. For the 2015 tour, they weren’t allowing pro cameras, so I had to rely mostly on Youtube and Facebook. Some big chunks of the show had already been compiled and uploaded by others, but I did this from scratch. I assumed that if a video was posted publicly, it’s fair game, and so I grabbed everything in sight. I’ve met or corresponded with several of the video contributors over the years, but hopefully nobody is going to be pissed about seeing their footage. I downloaded about a hundred video clips, along with using a few original video files from my phone.

There were enough clips to assemble 98% of the show. About 25% of the video is pro quality, 60% of it is pretty good by audience-shot standards, and for the rest I had a choice of shaky/over-exposed/out-of-focus: pick any two. The drum solo was mostly missing, along with a few seconds between songs here and there. For those sections, I used what footage I had and slowed it down to fill the space. It was a challenge syncing a hundred clips, even with Premiere doing some of the work. Clips that were filmed from a distance had a delay, and some videos alternated between live action and the video screen, which added to the challenge. So those are the disclaimers.

The whole thing is very watchable, and the audio, consisting of a mix of my recording from the 15th row and another from the lawn, is pretty damn good. The show starts with the outstanding footage by z1fevr, which runs out at the 15-minute mark when security shut him down. It’ll be a bit of a shock for the next couple of minutes, as the other video sources for that song were low-res. But stay with it, since it does improve. The last 40 minutes of the show, including the guitar solo, were well-documented. This was the 4th-to-last show. Enjoy!



Intro 0:00
Light Up The Sky 1:10
Runnin’ With the Devil 4:12
Romeo Delight 7:52
Everybody Wants Some 13:00
Drop Dead Legs 19:20
I Can’t Wait To Feel Your Love 23:42
Somebody Get Me a Doctor 26:36
She’s the Woman 30:30
I’ll Wait 33:22
Drum Solo 38:24
Little Guitars 41:43
Dance the Night Away 45:45
Beautiful Girls 56:42
Women in Love 1:00:23
Hot For Teacher 1:04:50
Dirty Movies 1:10:07
Ice Cream Intro 1:14:55
Ice Cream Man 1:19:27
Unchained 1:22:48
Ain’t Talkin’ About Love 1:27:47
Guitar Solo 1:33:25
You Really Got Me 1:44:00
Panama 1:47:00
Jump 1:51:05
Still Photos/Credits 1:56:45

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Thanks for sharing ! 8)

When you turn on your stereo, does it return the favor?


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