RIP Claudio Zampolli

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RIP Claudio Zampolli
July 08, 2021 by sammyhagar

Claudio Zampolli was a genius mechanic. Especially Italian high-performance engines. He got me my 512 Boxer (the “I Can’t Drive 55″ car), my first new Ferrari, and many more after that. He’s the mechanic in the “I Can’t Drive 55″ video. He’s the guy that gave Eddie Van Halen my phone number where Eddie called me from his shop – two days later I was in Van Halen. He was the whole band’s mechanic and took care of all of our cars. He also made his own car the ultra exotic Cizeta.

I remember pulling up into his garage driveway one time with my Daytona Ferrari that wasn’t running well. He heard it coming, stepped out of the office, lifted the hood, and immediately found a spark plug wire that was causing it to run bad. He could hear what was wrong with the car pure fucking genius. Rest in peace my friend.

“I Can’t Drive 55″ Music Video:

Hear some more about the 512 Boxer here:

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RIP Claudio…

EDDIE’S fingers aren’t fingers they are muscle-powered pistons that hammer guitar strings to the fretboard with the force of a rivet gun”.

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Wow… I actually thought he died years ago….
Sad news.
RIP Claudio

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RIP Mr.Zampolli


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