Roth Lives! Panama – David Lee Roth Studio Live

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Cool,i wonder who the band was.It sound pretty good to me like this,when he stays in low register he sounds good.Thanks for sharing

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In the studio, Dave isn’t distracted by an audience & he doesn’t have to move about on a stage – things that can interfere with singing. :mrgreen:

When you turn on your stereo, does it return the favor?

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for a newer version (definitely recent you can tell by Dave’s voice) he did pretty well. Of course in the studio they can play games and make your voice sound good which I am sure they did with his cause his voice is totally shot these days but I must say I really like this version…. the guitar is really good too…. sounds sorta Ed like in many ways.

Nice job Dave :) Now do ATBL :)


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This was one of 14 songs recorded at Hensen Studios on May 3 this year, with his most recent band:
Al Estrada, Ryan Wheeler and Francis Valentino


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