Scott Stapp on Revisiting Old Creed Tunes, Ignoring Van Halen's Advice

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Scott Stapp on Revisiting Old Creed Tunes, Ignoring Van Halen’s Advice
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The Van Halen Part

Having gone through the low points, do you have a deeper appreciation for the band today?

I think the things that we’ve all gone through in the positive and the negative have definitely made us better human beings and given us a reference point. Now we know what’s behind door Number One. Now we understand the trappings that can come along with this. When you’re young and fiery and you’re fighting so hard to make it and have your art understood, I think you’ve got blinders on and you stop growing as a human being at some point in time. And that kind of happened to us. Our world got – even though it was getting amazingly big, in our perception it got really small. It began to get so “I-centric,” and all the things that come with that. I know it’s a story that’s been written and re-written and will continue, unfortunately, to be written. That’s one thing that’s inspired all of us in this band, is to give back to young and upcoming artists and help point them in the right direction. (It’s) something that Eddie Van Halen did to us back in 1998. We were so blind and caught up in what was going on that we didn’t even really hear him.

What did he tell you?

We were playing Madison Square Garden for the first time. The first and only band that we ever opened for was Van Halen at Madison Square Garden, and he came into our dressing room and gave us kind of a “music 101″ about how we should handle our commissions, how we should approach each performance, how special this whole thing was and we should never take it for granted and how quickly it could be gone. He even gave us pointers: “Keep your hotel room key with your room number in your back pocket, because there’s gonna be a time when you freaking pass out somewhere and you don’t know where your hotel is.” It went from how to responsibly party, which I think you have to learn yourself, to how we should properly handle a record company and management and not get taken advantage of, which unfortunately we had to go learn the hard way ourselves.

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If I remember Roth had done this Motley Crues Vince Neil. Right after they got signed they went out for a “business dinner” and Roth did a music 101 with him with the in and outs of touring.


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