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December 27, 2012 at 6:43 pm Quote #21685


As always I’m looking for snail mail trades. Don’t do torrents or any downloading. Don’t have a web site and my list is too big to post so I thought I would just post the shows I have from this year. If you see anything of interest and would like to trade send me your list or a link to your web site. If you want to see my entire list pm me your email address.

Black Sabbath 5/19/2012 Birmingham. U.K aud/dvd dvd
Black Sabbath 8/3/2012 Lollapalooza,Chicago multi/dvd dvd
Aerosmith 7/5/2012 Auburn Hills,Michigan aud/dd dvd
Aerosmith 8/4/2012 Oakland,California aud/dvd 2 dvd
Aerosmith 9/22/2012 iHeart Fest,Las Vegas pro/dvd dvd
Augeri,Stev 8/11/2012 West Allis,Wisconsin aud/dvd dvd
Cheap Trick 8/4/2012 Oakland,California aud/dvd dvd
Chickenfoot 1/16/2012 Paris,France multi/dvd dvd
Chickenfoot 1/19/2012 Dusseldorf,Germany pro/dvd dvd
Chickenfoot 5/12/2012 Chicago Theater,Illinois aud/dvd dvd
Chickenfoot 5/21/2012 Beacon Theater,NYC aud/dvd dvd
Chickenfoot 5/27/2012 Rocklahoma,Pryor,Ok. pro/dvd dvd
Cinderella 8/3/2012 Costa Mesa, California aud/dvd dvd
Cooper,Alice 6/13/2012 Dayton,Ohio aud/dvd dvd
Cooper,Alice 7/15/2012 Pittsburgh,Pa. aud/dvd dvd
Cult,The 5/26/2012 Las Vegas, Nevada aud/dvd dvd
Cummings,Burton 1/18/2012 Glenside,Pa. aud/dvd dvd
Def Leppard 7/3/2012 Nashville,Tennessee aud/dvd 2 dvd
Def Leppard 7/19/2012 Rosemont,Illinois aud/dvd 2 dvd
Eagles,The 9/1/2012 Atlantic City, N.J aud/dvd 2 dvd
Enuff Z Nuff 5/11/2012 M3 Fest.Columbia,Md. pro/dvd dvd
Garbage 4/10/2012 Los Angeles,California aud/dvd dvd
Garbage 4/22/2012 Dallas,Texas aud/dvd dvd
Garbage 5/15/2012 Paris,France & more pro/dvd dvd
Garbage 5/22/2012 Webster Hall,NYC pro/dvd dvd
Garbage 5/25/2012 Atlantic City,N.J. HOB multi/dvd dvd
Garbage 6/2/2012 Mountain View,Ca. aud/dvd dvd
Garbage 7/8/2012 St, Claire,France pro/dvd dvd
Garbage 10/6/2012 Denver,Colorado pro/dvd DL dvd
Garbage 10/18/2012 Buenos Aires,Argentina pro/dvd dvd
Guns N Roses 2/10/2012 Roseland B.R. NYC multi/dvd 3 dvd
Guns N Roses 2/12/2012 Terminal 5 NYC multi/dvd 3 dvd
Guns N Roses 2/15/2012 The Ritz, NYC multi/dvd 3 dvd
Guns N Roses 2/19/2012 Chicago H.O.B pro/dvd 3 dvd
Guns N Roses 2/23/2012 Silver Springs,Md. aud/dvd 2 dvd
Guns N Roses 6/5/2012 Paris, France aud/dvd dvd
Guns N Roses 6/8/2012 Monchenglobach,Germ aud/dvd dvd
Guns N Roses 6/11/2012 Strasbourg,France aud/dvd 3 dvd
Guns N Roses 6/22/2012 Milan, Italy aud/dvd 2 dvd
Guns N Roses 7/22/2012 Maclorca, Spain aud/dvd dvd
Heart 7/26/2012 Pittsburgh,Pa. aud/dvd dvd
Ides of March 7/6/2012 Cicero,Illinois aud/dvd dvd
Iron Maiden 7/4/2012 Milwaukee,Wisconsin aud/dvd dvd
Jett,Joan 4/7/2012 Sao Paulo,Brazil pro/dvd dvd
Journey 7/22/2012 Lake Tahoe,Nevada aud/dvd 2 dvd
Journey 7/24/2012 Paso Robles,California aud/dvd 2 dvd
Kiss 3/29/2012 NewOrleans,sondchek aud/dvd dvd
Kiss 8/3/2012 Woodlands,Texas aud/dvd dvd
Kiss 9/7/2012 Tinley Park, Illinois aud/dvd dvd
Kix 5/11/2012 M3 FestColumbia,Md aud/dvd dvd
Kix 5/11/2012 M3 Fest Columbia,Md. pro/dvd dvd
Lizzy Borden 6/16/2012 Clisson, France pro/dvd dvd
Loverboy 7/22/2012 Lake tahoe,Nevada aud/dvd dvd
Loverboy 7/24/2012 Paso Robles,California aud/dvd dvd
McCartney,Paul 6/4/2012 London,Queen Jubilee pro/dvd dvd
McCartney,Paul 12/12/2012 M.S.G. New York City pro/dvd dvd
Metallica 5/7/2012 Prague,Czech.Repub. aud/dvd dvd
Metallica 6/23/2012 Atlantic City,N.J. pro/dvd dvd
Metallica 6/24/2012 Atlantic City,N.J. pro/dvd dvd
Motley Crue 6/5/2012 Moscow,Russia aud/dvd dvd
Motley Crue 8/3/2012 Woodlands,Texas aud/dvd dvd
Motley Crue 8/16/2012 Concord,California aud/dvd 2 dvd
Motley Crue 9/4/2012 Nashville, Tn. aud/dvd dvd
M.S.G 2/22/2012 Santa Clara,Ca. multi/dvd dvd
M.S.G 2/24/2012 Corona,California aud/dvd dvd
M.S.G 3/1/2012 Libertyville,Illinois aud/dvd dvd
M.S.G 3/4/2012 Etobcoke,Canada multi/dvd dvd
M.S.G 5/16/2012 Berlin,Germany aud/dvd dvd
M.S.G 10/7/2012 Ramona,California aud/dvd dvd
Night Ranger 5/11/2012 M3 Fest,Columbia,Md pro/dvd dvd
Nugent,Ted 5/10/2012 Council Bluffs,Iowa aud/dvd dvd
Nugent,Ted 6/14/2012 Mankato,Mn. aud/dvd dvd
Nugent,Ted 6/15/2012 Medina,Mn. aud/dvd dvd
Nugent,Ted 6/24/2012 Charter 1 Pavil.Chicago aud/dvd dvd
Osbourne, Ozzy 7/1/2012 Athens,Greece aud/dvd dvd
Prince 9/26/2012 United Center,Chicago aud/dvd 2 dvd
Queen w/ Adam Lambert 6/30/2012 Kiev,Ukraine pro/dvd 2 dvd
Queen w/ Adam Lambert 7/3/2012 Moscow,Russia aud/dvd dvd
Queen w/ Adam Lambert 7/7/2012 Wroclaw,Poland aud/dvd dvd
Queen w/ Adam Lambert 7/12/2012 Hammersmith, London aud/dvd 2 dvd
Queen w/ Adam Lambert 7/14/2012 Hammersmith, London aud/dvd dvd
Ratt 5/12/2012 M3 Fest Columbia,Md. pro/dvd dvd
Rodgers,Paul 7/26/2012 Paso Robles,California aud/dvd 2 dvd
Rolling Stones 11/29/2012 02 Arena,London, U.K aud/dvd dvd
Rolling Stones 12/13/2012 Newark,New Jersey pro/dvd 2 dvd
Rush 9/13/2012 Indianapolis,Indiana 3cam/dvd 3 dvd
Rush 10/12/2012 Philadelphia,Pa. aud/dvd 3 dvd
Rush 10/30/2012 Charlotte,N.Carolina aud/dvd 3 dvd
Rush 11/15/2012 San Jose,California aud/dvd 3 dvd
Scorpions 4/21/2012 Ekaterinburg,Russia aud/dvd dvd
Scorpions 5/7/2012 Tel Aviv,Israel aud/dvd dvd
Scorpions 5/24/2012 Rabat,Morocco pro/dvd dvd
Scorpions 6/8/2012 Reno,Nevada aud/dvd 2 dvd
Scorpions 6/9/2012 Mountain View,Ca. aud/dvd 2 dvd
Scorpions 6/12/2012 Morrison,Colorado aud/dvd 2 dvd
Scorpions 6/23/2012 Las Vegas,Nevada aud/dvd 2 dvd
Scorpions 8/4/2012 Wacken Fest,Germany pro/dvd dvd
Springsteen,Bruce 7/14/2012 London, England aud/dvd 2 dvd
Tesla 6/12/2012 Morrison,Colorado aud/dvd dvd
Thin Lizzy 6/5/2012 Leipzig,Germany aud/dvd dvd
Trans Siberian Orchestra 12/6/2012 Dayton,Ohio aud/dvd 2 dvd
UFO 4/4/2012 Forum,London England aud/dvd dvd
UFO 11/24/2012 Agoura Hills,California aud/dvd DL dvd
Uriah Heep 5/4/2012 Zweibrucken,Germany aud/dvd 2 dvd
Vai, Steve 10/12/2012 Club Nokia,L.A. Calif. pro/dvd dvd
Van Halen 1/5/2012 Cafe Wha,N.Y.C. aud/dvd dvd
Van Halen 2/8/2012 Dress Rehearsal. L.A. aud/dvd dvd
Van Halen 2/18/2012 Louisville,Kentucky aud/dvd dvd
Van Halen 2/20/2012 Auburn Hills,Michigan aud/dvd 2 dvd
Van Halen 2/22/2012 Indianapolis,Indiana aud/dvd DL dvd
Van Halen 2/24/2012 United Center,Chicago aud/dvd dvd
Van Halen 2/28/2012 M.S.G.New York City multi/dvd 2 dvd
Van Halen 3/1/2012 M.S.G.New York City multi/dvd 2 dvd
Van Halen 3/3/2012 Uncasville,Ct. multi/dvd 2 dvd
Van Halen 3/5/2012 Philadelphia,Pa. multi/dvd 2 dvd
Van Halen 3/11/2012 Boston,Mass. aud/dvd 2 dvd

Van Halen 3/13/2012 Manchester,N.H. multi/dvd dvd
3/13/2012 Manchester,N.H. multi/dvd dl/dvd
Van Halen 3/15/2012 Montreal,Canada aud/dvd 2 dvd
Van Halen 3/17/2012 Toronto,Canada aud/dvd 2 dvd
Van Halen 3/26/2012 Reading,Pa. aud/dvd dvd
Van Halen 3/30/2012 Pittsburgh,Pa multi/dvd dvd
Van Halen 3/24/2012 Atlantic City,N.J. multi/dvd 2 dvd
Van Halen 3/28/2012 Washington, D.C aud/dvd dvd
Van Halen 4/1/2012 Rosemont,Illinois multi/dvd 2 dvd
Van Halen 4/12/2012 Orlando,Florida aud/dvd dvd
Van Halen 4/14/2012 Tampa Bay,Florida aud/dvd dvd
Van Halen 4/21/2012 Greensboro,sndcheck aud/dvd dvd
Van Halen 4/21/2012 Greensboro,N.Carolina aud/dvd 2 dvd
Van Halen 4/25/2012 Charlotte,soundcheck aud/dvd dvd
Van Halen 4/25/2012 Charlotte,N.Carolina aud/dvd dvd
Van Halen 4/27/2012 Nashville,Tn. Blu Ray aud/dvd dvd
Van Halen 5/1/2012 Tulsa,Oklahoma aud/dvd 2 dvd
Van Halen 5/19/2012 St. Paul, Minnesota 4cam/dvd DL dvd
Van Halen 5/27/2012 Las Vegas (left angle) aud/dvd dvd
Van Halen 5/27/2012 Las Vegas (mulitcam) multi/dvd dl/dvd
Van Halen 6/1/2012 Staples Center,L.A aud/dvd dvd
Van Halen 6/1/2012 Staples,from 1st row aud/dvd dvd
Van Halen 6/3/2012 Oakland,California aud/dvd 2 dvd
Van Halen 6/3/2012 Oakland,Ca.( aud/dvd dl/dvd
Van Halen 6/5/2012 San Jose,California aud/dvd 2 dvd
Van Halen 6/5/2012 San Jose,Ca.( aud/dvd dl/dvd
Van Halen 6/12/2012 Anaheim,California multi/dvd 2 dvd
Van Halen 6/14/2012 San Diego,California aud/dvd dl/dvd
Walsh,Joe 7/2/2012 Pittsburgh,Pa. aud/dvd dvd
Waters,Roger 6/8/2012 Wrigley Field,Chicago 2cam/dvd 2 dvd
Who,The 11/11/2012 Pittsburgh,Pa. aud/dvd 2 dvd
Y & T 11/16/2012 Petaluma,California aud/dvd 3 dvd

December 27, 2012 at 8:08 pm Quote #21690


You’ve got some interesting shows in your list. I’d be interested in trading, but I immediately release shows that I’m allowed to release via torrent – so I don’t have anything to trade that you don’t already have – even though hundreds of DVDs circulating in the trade world originated from my computer.

December 27, 2012 at 9:28 pm Quote #21691


Do you have a list of shows from years other than 2012 that you have. Or a web site? My list of 2012 shows is only a small part of my total list. I’m always looking for older shows that I don’t have or upgrades on ones I do.

December 27, 2012 at 9:35 pm Quote #21692


Hey Videoman, do you have any Elvis dvds?

December 27, 2012 at 9:47 pm Quote #21693


Hey Videoman, do you have any Elvis dvds?

That I don’t have.

December 27, 2012 at 11:47 pm Quote #21696


How’s the Cult in Vegas DVD? I’d be interested in that if it’s decent quality. Outside of Van Halen I’ve got a few Jane’s Addiction, Foo Fighters, Alter Bridge & U2 dvds – any interest in that?


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