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January 8, 2023 at 9:59 pm Quote #66124

Sammy Hagar found his own personal paradise in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The Red Rocker gives unprecedented access to his 75th birthday bash while sharing the unbelievable true story that sparked one of the most legendary music careers in history.

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Published January 9, 2023 4:00pm EST
Sammy Hagar’s 75th birthday bash brings the ‘best of both worlds’ to Fox Nation
TMZ Presents: ‘Sammy Hagar’s Paradise’ is streaming now on Fox Nation
By Taylor Penley | Fox News

TMZ and Fox Nation are teaming up to bring viewers the best of both worlds, offering exclusive access to rock and roll legend Sammy Hagar’s 75th birthday bash from his Cabo San Lucas paradise.

The TMZ special, available for streaming on Fox Nation, tells the inspiring tale behind the Red Rocker’s success in the music industry, following his story as he went from rags to riches and stood on top of the world as the frontman of legendary rock band Van Halen.

Fans, affectionately crowned as “redheads,” gathered around Hagar’s Cabo Wabo Cantina in Cabo San Lucas with tequila in hand to join in on the celebration of star-studded proportions.

“My 75th birthday was like, something that, in my mind, before it happened, I’ve got to do something really special,” he said.

“The last I heard the count was something like 59,000 people were trying to get 1,500 tickets,” he laughed. “I think part of the beauty of it is everyone coming down to Cabo San Lucas and having the time of their life.”

Hagar’s celebrated popularity came at the expense of extensive efforts — a successful solo career and his role as the lead singer of Van Halen — both roles which blossomed during the 1980s and lasted into the 1990s and beyond.

Hagar also led additional musical acts, including Montrose, Chickenfoot, and others.

After a difficult childhood rife with his father’s alcoholism and run-ins with police, Hagar said his love for music began at age fourteen – and he knew he wanted to make his long-standing ambition work to his advantage.

“I never got past that vision, I never lost that vision for one minute,” he said. “Even in my most insecure moments, I figured I was going to hit it [someday].”

In the TMZ special, Hagar recounted his first marriage, his struggle with poverty after the birth of his first son, and the story of a doctor he wanted to prove wrong.

Hagar’s wish began to come true when he joined Montrose.

“When you come from nothing like I did, and then you get a break like Montrose, you look at anything as making it,” he said.

Hagar went on to see a successful solo career during the 1980s, cranking out hits like “I Can’t Drive 55″ and “There’s Only One Way to Rock,” having watched several of his songs reach popular films such as “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” “Footloose,” and “Over the Top.”

But the decade also saw perhaps the biggest turning point in his career.

In July 1985, Hagar replaced David Lee Roth as the frontman of legendary rock group Van Halen, and his career skyrocketed. With the March 1986 release of “5150,” the band saw its first number-one album along with a slew of ongoing discussions likening Van Halen to “Van Hagar.”

“It was a brilliant thing,” he said of his first music session with the band. “I don’t think I would’ve been as legendary of an artist as I am today without the Van Halen thing… that was the peak of my musical career,” he added later.

Hagar described joining the band as “life-changing,” and said his songwriting compatibility with late guitar legend Eddie Van Halen was “magical.”

Before parting ways with the band in 1996, Hagar’s run with Van Halen saw several multi-platinum albums, major world tours, and a hit track in the 1996 blockbuster “Twister.”

To hear the full story behind Sammy Hagar’s success and join in the fun around his 75th birthday celebration, stream TMZ’s “Sammy Hagar’s Paradise” on Fox Nation today.

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Legendary?? Oh my…

“This hamburger don’t need no helper.” – DLR 5/17/15

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Published January 14, 2023 12:00pm EST
Van Halen’s Sammy Hagar shares unbelievable true story that sparked his music career in special on Fox Nation
The TMZ special ‘Sammy Hagar’s Paradise’ is streaming now on Fox Nation
By Joshua Comins | Fox News

Sammy Hagar speaks to Neil Cavuto about the new special that gives inside access to his 75th birthday bash and his career in music on ‘Your World.’

Music legend Sammy Hagar discussed a new special with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto on Friday that gives a glimpse into the rise of his distinguished music career. 

In ‘Sammy Hagar’s Paradise,’ Fox Nation and TMZ unite to deliver exclusive access to Hagar’s 75th birthday bash while chronicling his success as a singer and businessman. The TMZ special, available for streaming on Fox Nation, covers Hagar’s childhood, which included growing up in poverty, dealing with an abusive father and more.

Hagar told Cavuto about his dreams from an early age and his music aspirations. His accomplishments have exceeded his wildest dreams.

“I’ve had so many dreams that I never dreamt, you know, come true,” he said. “I, of course, all I really dreamt about was someday being a rock star, rich and famous guy, you know, and being able to take care of my mother and my family well, have a beautiful home, beautiful cars. That was it. You know, a gold record maybe on the wall.” 

In 1985, Hagar became Van Halen’s frontman after replacing original lead vocalist David Lee Roth.

Hagar summed up his success like this: Every door that opens just opens up another door.

“You know, success is contagious. That’s what I’m addicted to,” he said.

Hagar revealed that he’s made his decisions with his gut throughout his famed career and added that he’s not driven by fame and fortune. 

“If I feel something’s right, I do it. If I don’t, I don’t do it,” he said. “I’m not interested in doing things just for money and I think that’s part of the success. I’m passionate about what I choose to do with my time, especially at my age.”

Discover more about the music legend’s life and celebrated career by streaming “Sammy Hagar’s Paradise” available now on Fox Nation.

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If anyone needs a BluRay of this, I have an extra copy (BDR). Let me know via PM.


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