Toronto 1998-08-26 2xDVD5

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I got this from the filmer back in 98. We used chat on the phone from time to time, where he would share his filming adventures
and show updates. He knew I was a big VH fan, so he sent me what he said was a true first gen right from the camera on a pro
grade tape. It was a purple Maxell box that I had never seen before and haven’t since. I was so stoked to get this at the time and
I must have traded it with more than 20 folks on the old VHML.

I finally captured and authored it to DVD. I used an ADVC 110 for the capture, TMPGEnc Mastering Works 5 for encoding and
Authoring Works 4 for the chapters and menu. The audio is PCM and the video is 8000kbps.
I’m The One and Drum Solo. This is more generated but it gives you the overall vibe.

This is pretty cool for me, but I’m not sure if there would be much interest in this show or this era for that matter.
I could put it up on WeTransfer if anyone would like a copy.

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Yes ! 8)

When you turn on your stereo, does it return the favor?

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I would definitely be interested!

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Bram5150: I would definitely be interested!

Check your PM.

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May I ask for a download link as well? Thanks so much!

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I’d love a link! Thanks so much for bringing this to attention!


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