Tulsa footage

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Downloading this now. Thanks for uploading it!

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eruption1962: No…although there is an AVCHD…maybe that’s your alternate audio. However, this audio is VERY good for a camera.Wait!He says he used an external mic plugged into the cam…but attached to his hat…jusdge for yourselves in a bit!

AVCHD is an HD video format (developed by Sony – but now used by just about all the HD videocam brands). Just like any video codec, typically it includes audio – but it’s not exclusive to the audio. Although it certainly is encouraging to hear that he recorded the audio with a separate mic. Having said that – audio recorded with an audio recording rig and decent mics will almost always beat out a mic connected to the audio jack of a videocam. So it’s still worth checking to see if there is a nice audio source available.


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