Van Halen 1984-08-18 Donington, UK multicam complete concert film

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September 25, 2023 at 2:18 pm Quote #67138


Hot from the press…thanks to Fan Made Films for his tremendous work and for sharing this gem!
In August of 2023, pro-shot footage was leaked to YouTube of Van Halen’s
Monsters of Rock performance in Donington Park, Leicestershire, England in 1984. It
ran just over an hour and six minutes. Some songs were complete, but many were cut
off, or in fragments.
For this project, that footage was combined with existing fan shot camcorder
video to create a complete concert film of their full 84 minute set. For the short sections
where no video exists from either source, footage was used that was originally shot by
the band for their video of “Jump”.
Multiple audio bootlegs make up the soundtrack (in some cases, from the same
sources as the original leak, but with upgrades in quality) which were then split into
elements, remixed and remastered to create a consistent and improved audio mix.
This is fan made, for Van Halen fans. It is not being sold, and NO money is
being made from its creation. I and every other Van Halen fan would gladly purchase
an official release of this, but until that time, please enjoy this documentary of an
incredible night in 1984.
Miss you, Edward.
- Fan Made Films, September 2023

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Thank you Jorge

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