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Hello everybody. For those that do not know me, my name is Grayson Courtney & I’m a new member here on vhtrading. Anyways my friend & I were talking the other day & he told me that HDtracks (which I know about) now sells internationally (I missed that announcement). I checked HDtracks & saw that their Van Halen stuff is available in Canada! I have the Roth-era HDCD remasters which I’m quite happy with, I play them through Windows Media Player. HDCDs are 44.1kHz/20bits. I see that the Roth-era albums are offered in both 96kHz/24bits & 192kHz/24bits. I know that to make an HDCD, the master tape has to be transferred using a 20-bit or 24-bit machine. Now I think that those HDCDs were made almost 15 years ago. Back then 96kHz/24bit existed but I think 192kHz/24bits is a new thing. I could see Warner transferring/remastering the albums in 96kHz/24bits back when they were making the HDCD remasters but I can’t see Warner doing a whole new transfer in 192kHz/24bits just for HDtracks. Are the Van Halen HDtracks legit 96kHz/192kHz/24bits or have they been upsampled?

Also I noticed 5150 on there as 44.1kHz/24bits. That suggests to me that 5150 was transferred/remastered for HDCD while they were making the Roth HDCDs but since it’s only 44.1kHz/24bits that contradicts what I said before. I’ve haven’t heard anything about 5150 on HDtracks, so is 5150 upsampled?

Sorry for the long explanation, I just wanted to share my logic on this. My question is are the Van Halen HDtracks upsampled?

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ron: Does this previous thread provide any of the answers you seek?

Yes, thank you.


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