Van Halen Rarities vol. 28: DAVID LEE ROTH: 'ASHLEY ABERNATHY'

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This is the full version of a song that DLR wrote and recorded in 1999 or 2000, for a 9-year-old girl who was battling leukemia. There are only two original copies of this song (!). Ashley Abernathy survived her cancer; in fact she survived everything, even Van Hagar ;) A tough girl. She’s now 25 and lives in North Carolina.

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The song was sold off to the highest bidder in 2000 for $3,350..There are only two original copies, one to the bidder, the other to Ashley.

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You can actually buy this track on iTunes:

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I seem to recall hearing part of it in the past but not the whole thing. I can’t recall how did Ashley cross paths with Diamond Dave?

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NYC group that records songs for sick kids reaches milestone
Associated Press Writer

September 2, 2006, 3:59 PM EDT

NEW YORK — Ashley Abernathy was 9 years old, suffering from leukemia and needed to be cheered up. She found her inspiration from the unlikeliest of places: a serenade from David Lee Roth.

The former Van Halen frontman recorded a song especially for Abernathy, giving the little girl the rock-star treatment in the heart-rending tune.

“Who deals the cards? Ashley Abernathy,” Roth sang. “Who steals your heart? Ashley Abernathy. Ashley Abernathy makes you happy!!”

“It was just amazing, really cool, to think that a rock star would’ve recorded a song for me,” said Ashley, who is now 15 and starting 10th grade in Gastonia, N.C. She has been in remission for almost five years.

The song was made by the Songs of Love Foundation, a Queens-based nonprofit that records personalized tunes for chronically or terminally ill children and young adults. This month, the foundation expects to reach a milestone by recording song No. 10,000.

Ashley Abernathy says her song still resonates with her to this day. In the song, Roth refers to the little girl’s affinity for Beanie Babies and driving a golf cart with her family.

“I love listening to it,” she said.

Such reactions remind Beltzer he is using his talents in the best way possible: to help others.

“Everybody can understand the language of love, and compassion and caring,” he said. “When somebody helps somebody else, everybody feels the same. Everybody’s going to feel good.”


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