VH 1976 photos.

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Thanks, Ron. Your VH knowledge knows no bounds.

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Thanks, Ron.Your VH knowledge knows no bounds.

Sure it does. I had to hunt around through about 1/2 of the 2012 shows till I found it.
Larger image: http://s10.postimg.org/t990qrcjt/VH20120315_CDft.jpg

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Hey Guys, my name is MARVIN RINNIG and thanks for the interest in my photos…I have probably the most photos(1,000+) of VH pre record deal, in the small LA clubs…over 250 are posted on my website….Yes I’m trying to get a book deal…I do not want to self publish as of now…Maybe as a last resort…I am getting ready to retire and I’d like to get the book done or sell my rock photo websites and whole library of rock photos/negatives & slides- with all rights included…If anyone with publisher/editor friends wants to help get this published, great..Thanks
I can be contacted at :
website :
over 1800 rock photos

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Very cool post. Awesome pics! Ed still had his “game on” face even back then :)

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Love the drum riser made from milk crates….so garage band. Wait….so “band with no money”……


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Very cool pics – thanks for the link.

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Marvin has great photos and is a nice guy. Here is some of the VH stories he told me.

“From the first time I saw VH I knew they had the “X Factor” star power. David Roth had the charisma, jokes and was brilliant. Eddie’s playing was like watching Hendrix. Eddie filled the void after Jimi died in 1970. It was $2 admission at the Rock Corp on a Friday or Saturday night, during the week it was free. It was there that I struck up conversations with VH if it was an empty club. There were lots of weeknights the club was empty except for me and my girlfriend and maybe 5 or 10 other people. I told them that I wanted to shoot them so whenever they would play the Hollywood clubs, I would call Eddie or David and they would put me on the guest list. Around mid 1975, 2 yrs before they got their record deal, I was calling my friends at some different record labels and hyping VH. The record companies weren’t interested. Music was becoming disco and hard rock was going out. I kept trying to get them a record deal. Then I saw Gene Simmons at the Starwood and I knew he would make it happen. The rest is history.”

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