VH 1986-05-10 Detroit, MI

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People have been enjoying some of the recent 80s-era Van Hagar DVDs posted, so here’s another oldie. All thanks to the filmer and to Silver Stallion and Mr. Mojo Halen for this release; although it has a few gens, it’s still a nice watch. Note that the version I obtained did not have the cover art. I found a crappy low res scan and included it, but if anyone has a hi-res scan that they can post in the comments, please do.

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Van Halen
Joe Louis Arena
Detroit, Michigan
May 10, 1986
Kickin’ Ass in Detroit

Disc 1
You Really Got Me 5:05
One Way To Rock 5:15
Summer Nights 6:35
Get Up 6:15
Drum Solo 5:37
Why Can’t This Be Love 4:10
5150 13:58
Bass Solo 6:25
Panama 9:15
Best Of Both Worlds 9:25

Disc 1 Time – 1:12:00

Disc 2
Sammy rap 3:26
Love Walks In 5:32
Good Enough 7:17
Guitar Solo 14:36
I Can’t Drive 55 4:11
Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love 7:19
Rock Candy 3:17
Jump 6:08
Wild Thing 8:46
Rock-n-Roll 5:24

Disc 2 Time – 1:05:56

Total Time – 2:17:56


Audience recording, single camera with photos subbed for spots where there was missing video. This is a 2 disc single layer DVD release.
Grade(video/audio): B+/A-
2nd gen VHS synched with master audio recorded by Mr Mojo Halen with a Sony D6 cassette recorder
NTSC / 4:3 / 720×480 / Framerate: 29.97 fps
Video Bitrate: 9000 kb/s
Audio: Dolby Digital 1536 kbps / 2 channel
A great job authoring and editing by Mr Mojo Halen / Silver Stallion Productions. Audience shot from the balcony on Eddie’s side about 1 or 2 sections in front of the stage. Nice video considering it was shot in 1986.
Front cover shows Sammy and Edward on stage, arms raised and guitars slung. A gold VH “rings” logo is at the top. The location and date of the show are in red text at the bottom. Back cover contains a shot of all four band members wearing long red robes. The set list is in red and black text along the left.
An alternate cover has the globe carrying atlas man on the front. Sammy and Edward are reflected in the globe. The location and date are at the bottom. The back has Mike, Sam and Ed at the top. A green “Working Personnel” pass takes up most of the remaining space. The set list is in white text along the lower left side.

video – mpeg2, ntsc, 4:3, 29.97 fps, vbr 6.6 mb/s (avg)
audio – lpcm, 1536 kbps

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I think I was at this show. :mrgreen:

When you turn on your stereo, does it return the favor?

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I think you are one happy man :-D

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mrmojohalen: I think I was at this show. :mrgreen:

I know I was!


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