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EPISODE #42 – It’s that time of year again – the return of VAN HALEN BASH! Celebrating the third anniversary of “Dave & Dave Unchained – A Van Halen Podcast,” the Daves head to Daryl’s House Club in Pawling, NY where they met up with Romeo Delight, the ultimate Van Halen tribute band. Here the duo does a backstage interview with the band, who delivers a special green room acoustic performance and a full 100-minute concert set. Additionally, the episode includes a bucket of VH News plus a mailbag full of letters.

Listen to the podcast for free on Spreaker, YouTube, iHeart Radio, Spotify or iTunes.

Connect with the Daves!
Twitter: @ddunchained
Facebook: Dave & Dave Unchained – A Van Halen podcast
Instagram: ddunchainedpodcast
email: ddunchainedpodcast@gmail.com

~Dave & Dave

Stay Frosty


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