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So, I’m limited on time, but have to tell this one.
New girlfriend of a little over a year. She’s been exposed to a little of all 3 versions over the past year, but I’ve been out of the VH loop.
Anyway, threw in the BOV1 DVD tonight. Without You came on and she said, “Why isn’t he still with them? He sounds better than Dave or “the other guy”.” (Can you tell why I love her?! LOL)
So, I played VH 3 for her and she loved it. She said, “This doesn’t sound like Van Halen??” I explained how it was more of an EVH solo project and she said, “I can see how people might have been confused, but this is more interesting and the words are more interesting…” than the stuff from Balance that we had just listened to.
Kinda funny, after all these years, she hears it how I did way back then.
Had to share. ’98 was a great time/tour! :)

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The older tunes really made the tour special.

I still like ‘Josephina’ to this day.

When you turn on your stereo, does it return the favor?


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