VHND to release unseen VH footage.

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Guys, I’m happy to say that I’ve got some incredibly cool stuff from the Cabo Wabo that no one has ever seen! Here’s what I got, and I will share it all with you when I have the time:

1) That 1992 VH Cabo Wabo concert, but filmed from an ALTERNATE video source (uncirculated)
2) Videos of many concerts of Sammy & Mike playing down there. (uncirculated)
3) You know the MTV Cabo Wabo grand opening special? I have some of the unedited raw footage that was used to make that special. A bunch of unedited outtakes (uncirculated)

All of this stuff is just a tiny percentage of all the incredible VH tapes that I have—much of it has never been heard or seen before. All of this will eventually be uploaded to the VHND’s youtube channel, the Van Halen Vault. You can click on that link and become a subscribe to the channel (for free of course) and be the first to see whatever new stuff we share.
The last thing we uploaded, about a week ago, is the short instrumental track “Peeping Tom” from The Wild Life movie score. I’ll upload another never-heard-in-full Wild Life track in about a week or so.
Jeff Hausman
Van Halen News Desk (VHND.com)
phone (623)266-3955

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Cool ! Isn’t there some form of #3 already in circulation ?

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King Edward

Bring on the footage!

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cool hopefully we see some dvd stuff (not YT sourced) make the rounds too


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