Wax Audio Show Episode 4: Van Halen – Rare and Unreleased

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Wax Audio Show
Episode 4: Van Halen – Rare and Unreleased
December 3rd, 2021

Van Halen were a band often criticised for not maintaining their legacy. In the last 25 years of their career they released just three studio albums and never put out any compilations of previously unreleased tracks (out-takes, demos, rarities, etc). But the fact is, a wealth of unreleased material exists online. So much so that even as die-hard fans ourselves, we’ve often felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of demos, live bootlegs and leaked studio work available. It’s taken us until now to sift through it and put it all in context. In this episode, we share that journey with you. Welcome to the Wax Audio Show…


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Anything new here? I didn’t notice anything other than the so-called Mammoth tracks which I’m skeptical of personally.

…Zero Discipline

December 7, 2021 at 5:06 pm Quote #64980


I didn’t hear anything new but it’s certainly a great listen and a well done podcast.

Stay Frosty


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