Wolfgang and Alex Van Halen to Search 5150 Vaults for Possible Future Releases

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One could only hope that they find alternate takes and unreleased original stuff. They could even have Dave or Sammy sing on it. Alex said in an interiew in the 1990s that he had tape of Dave singing over what became 5150 era songs. I just hope Alex and Wolf are open to that sort of thing.

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All things video,live concerts from 78 to 84,and that 1980 documentary that they never released.i truly hope they find some of that stuff.

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I’d pay a premium for that stuff.

More probable that those who have uncirculated boots may release them now.

I hate this. Can’t believe he’s really gone.

…Zero Discipline

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mow hopefully alex and wolfie do a box set like ac dc plug me in
in memory of eddie

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Guitar World August 2012

Eddie Van Halen on ADKOT.

“We ended up recording demos for 35 song. All of those songs were ready to go, and we were able to play them all.”

A May 19, 1999, post on the band’s website revealed that Eddie Van Halen, his brother Alex, Cherone and bassist Michael Anthony had worked on demos for seven tracks and written more than 20 new songs together. Cherone described the “four-on-the-floor” “Left for Dead” as “one of the most uptempo songs the band has done,” and explained that the lyrics of “Say Uncle” focused on “a dominant woman and a willing, submissive man.”

“You Wear It Well” was said to have “a stellar tapping intro that sounds like an extraterrestrial on acid,” while “River Wide” was praised for being “groovy, with a dark edge.”

Left For Dead
River Wide
Say Uncle
You Wear It Well
More Than Yesterday
I Don’t Miss You…Much
Love Divine
Rock and Roll Cliche
I Want Her Anyway
Love Again
That’s Why I Love Ya (new version)

EDDIE’S fingers aren’t fingers they are muscle-powered pistons that hammer guitar strings to the fretboard with the force of a rivet gun”.


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