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YMM Player February 2019

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Inauguration of the 50th anniversary issue of the first issue 5th ramp of the 40th anniversary from the debut of the impact
Eddie Van Halen of my youth
It is no doubt that Player of the 50th anniversary of the first issue is one of the music magazines that had been catching Van Halen most in the country. Van Halen who celebrated its 40th anniversary with the single “You Really Got Me” in 1978, the album “Fire Fuse Line”. Celebrating the 40th anniversary, EVH released “Limited 3 model” called “ERUPTION ’78 MODELS”. Also, although MXR does a gift campaign with edited autographed effectors, it is a lonely place that Van Halen’s main information of the essence does not come in, but I will not take Van Halen up as a 50th anniversary plan for Player launch It does not. Interview file featuring episode of original album production from among abundant archive articles, interview with precious Eddie and Kyoji Yamamoto conducted at the first visit to Japan in 1978 was re-recorded. Also edited the article which Eddie demonstrates “Franken” masking finish and posted it. Of course, I introduce a lot of the past guitar that Eddie used favorably. Rie aka Suzaku tried MXR’s signature pedal with EVH / Charvel’s product development manager, Matthew Brown’s interview, and new interview. Furthermore, on behalf of domestic musicians, interviews by Akira Takazaki (LOUDNESS), ANCHANG (SEX MACHINGUS), Isamu Teshima (UNICORN, Melbstormium), NAOKI (LOVE PSYCHEDELICO), HIRO (HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT) Miki ☆ sun-go ☆ Igarashi (SHOW-YA, mintmints, dead branch brothers), Kazuya Sunagawa (Miles Divide), EITA (Space-time pirate SEAVEN SEAS, Okuda Katsu, SAKI (Mary’s Blood), MAN (1000 say), ISHII Yu (Glowlamp) (ASTERISM) received a respect and message. Featuring the unprecedented Van Halen covering 44 pages … Youth is Immortal!

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Thanks super Ron !!!

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Very Cool. I’ve got a copy coming…


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