Your digital music stored as DNA !

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King Edward

Hmmmm…….I’m struggling to understand how this works. I am kinda doubting if this is even real.

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Robust Chemical Preservation of Digital Information on DNA in Silica with Error‐Correcting Codes

Information, such as text printed on paper or images projected onto microfilm, can survive for over 500 years. However, the storage of digital information for time frames exceeding 50 years is challenging. Here we show that digital information can be stored on DNA and recovered without errors for considerably longer time frames. To allow for the perfect recovery of the information, we encapsulate the DNA in an inorganic matrix, and employ error‐correcting codes to correct storage‐related errors. Specifically, we translated 83 kB of information to 4991 DNA segments, each 158 nucleotides long, which were encapsulated in silica. Accelerated aging experiments were performed to measure DNA decay kinetics, which show that data can be archived on DNA for millennia under a wide range of conditions. The original information could be recovered error free, even after treating the DNA in silica at 70 °C for one week. This is thermally equivalent to storing information on DNA in central Europe for 2000 years.

More info:

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The human race will not survive another 500 years…

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kaloway: The human race will not survive another 500 years…

I thought I read once that Stephen Hawking said the human race will not survive another 200 years unless it leaves earth. He said something like, humans only hope of surviving past 200 years is to start colonies off earth. But what did he know.


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