7-26-2004 Kansas City, MO Remaster DVD9

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March 25, 2021 at 5:54 pm Quote #63834


This is a new DVD9 transfer with remixed audio. The project took place shortly after EVH’s passing. I filmed it and always hated it because of the audio. Now the audio kicks ass and sounds like an external mic was used. Despite sellers on Ebay claiming to have it on 2 DVD’s off the master, that is not true. Until recently, I only transferred it to 1 DVD5.

Special thanks to Radikal for the work. He deserves A LOT of credit because the master had some audio drops when I did the fresh transfer. To fix this, the audio from the original DVD5 transfer was remixed and synced to this version. Too bad Jump is cut but I think it was a blessing in disguise because I’d rather have the last song complete than Sammy singing a Roth song to open the show. Back in 2004 I was new to filming and turned the camera on but forgot to hit record until I got a warning that the camera was going to power off. Shot from the last row of the balcony, digital zoom was used. A lesson that I quickly learned to not use again.

Hopefully the other KC angle that is being hoarded will surface so someone can do a 2 cam. I saw the footage in the parking lot so I can confirm that it exists.

Here is the Mega link. Enjoy!


PS, can someone hook me up with a copy of the Irvine 95 show on DVD?

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Thanks very much for the remasterd version. :-D Check your inbox for the Irvine 1995 video that ron created.


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