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October 12, 2015 at 1:48 am Quote #50436


Now with the tour unfortunately being history, what were your higlights in the set list? Here’s my list, let’s start arguing… :wink:

10. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
I don’t know about the rest of you, but if you think the thrill is gone because you’ve heard it too many times go back and listen to it again. And you better listen good, this song still brings the crowd up to its feet.

9. Romeo Delight
Always one of my favs, I’d love Eddie and Wolf to jam for a few minutes during the middle part.

8. Growth
Great idea to take this back into the setlist.

7. Dirty Movies
Another nice surprise, although I do miss the “Take it off” screaming part in the middle.

6. Running With The Devil
I think it’s the best version we’ve heard for years, with Dave screaming and yelling like back in the old days. Well, almost.

5. She’s The Woman
A rhythmic, powerful song that is heavily underrated in my opinion, especially live.

4. Light Up The Sky
What a nice way to start a show. And yes, I did see the firelights during that song!

3. Hot For Teacher
I wasn’t really happy with the version during the 2012/13 tour, this time they really killed it night after night. Eds playing was nothing short of spectacular. To quote Dave: “Let the M*therf*cker burn!”.

2. Feel Your Love Tonight
Finally back in the setlist, this song just wants to make you dance, jump and shout.

1. Drop Dead Legs
Why on earth did it take so long to unleash that song live? My personal highlight during every show, I wished Ed’s solo would just never end.

Who’s next?

October 12, 2015 at 3:33 am Quote #50437


10. Light Up the Sky – I wouldn’t have opened with this, but it was fun to hear live and it was my favorite VH songs for a long time.
9. Drop Dead Legs – I was at the July 7th show – the 2nd of the tour – so it was really cool to hear this for almost the first time live! Great jam at the end.
8. Everybody Wants Some!! – Great live song, Dave has fun, Alex and Eddie go tribal and the chorus is a must-sing-a-long.
7. Hot For Teacher – VH on speed! Seemed like they played it twice as fast as on the record. I loved it.
6. She’s the Woman – My favorite song from Zero and the one song from ADKOT that I really really wanted them to play. Love the riff.
5. Dirty Movies – I thought this kind of fell flat, to be honest, but it was super cool to hear it anyway since they’d never done it before. They can drop it again now…. : D
4. Somebody Get Me a Doctor – Maybe my favorite “live” VH song. I always go hoarse yelling along with chorus and it’s just great rock and roll.
3. Ice Cream Man – Dave told a great story our night (Japan culture & Women’s World Cup Soccer) which hit home with my family (we’d just been to the Word Cup and live in Hawaii. Dave’s stories are the best and I’m really glad he shook it up this tour and told several different ones. Plus I love Eddie’s solos and monster guitar attack on this song.
2. Panama – Greatest song ever.
1. Feel Your Love Tonight – THIS is the song I cranked in my car for a decade. I think it was on every mix tape I ever made and I’d always turn up the volume on this song if listening to VH1. Such a great song.

I feel bad leaving Unchained off the list, but VH needs to be punished for not using it as the opener. :mrgreen:

October 12, 2015 at 4:34 am Quote #50439


Hot For Teacher was terrific, the band did really speed it up tremendously plus Dave dropped that Spanish-class-is-down-the-hall-banter from the last tour and rephrased it – or didn’t sing anything at all. :mrgreen: FYLT is just a song that makes you feel good whenever you listen to it. And I think it fit in perfectly after DDL.


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