VH 2012-03-26 Reading (Lou)

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Van Halen
Sovereign Center
Reading, PA, USA
March 26, 2012–Monday

Taper: Lou
Location: Floor 1, Row EE, Seat 14

Lineage: SP-CMC-2 (AT831′s with low sensitivity mod) > SP-SPSB-8 (95 Hz bass roll off) > Edirol R-09 > WAV 24/48 > CDWave > Trader’s Little Helper > FLAC(level 8)
Raw master recording

Quality: A-
File Size: 1.18 GB, FLAC

Total Time: 112:31

1. Unchained 5:07
2. Runnin’ With The Devil 3:43
3. She’s The Woman 2:59
4. Romeo Delight 4:57
5. Tattoo 4:32
6. Everybody Wants Some!! 7:20
7. Somebody Get Me A Doctor 3:44
8. China Town 3:21
9. Jamie’s Cryin’ 4:15
10. (Oh) Pretty Woman 3:00
11. Drum Solo 2:57
12. You Really Got Me 4:11
13. Blood And Fire 4:21
14. Dance The Night Away 3:47
15. I’ll Wait 5:05
16. Hot For Teacher 5:22
17. Women In Love… 4:19
18. Girl Gone Bad 4:42
19. Beautiful Girls 3:58
20. Ice Cream Man 7:19
21. Panama 3:56
22. Guitar Solo (Eruption, Spanish Fly, Cathedral) 8:30
23. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love 5:17
24. Jump 5:51

This was Van Halen’s first ever performance in Reading, PA. While it’s not the most convenient place to get to, it was kinda cool for one time to take in a VH show at a 7,000 seat arena in the middle of nowhere. These are the kinds of places Van Halen would play 30 years ago when they made it a point to hit virtually every city in the USA, like Pocatello ID, Salina KS, Johnson City TN, Binghamton NY, etc. So I pretended like I was traveling back in time, even more so than one normally would for a VH show.

Another nice warm recording, my most centered and least echo-y of the four I’ve done so far. I wish the high frequencies had turned out better and thus I can’t give it an “A.” I had lots of buffoons around me including many people who tried to sneak down to the floor, only to be removed by security. Unfortunately, it got to the point where a security guard asked to see my ticket during “Blood and Fire.” Thankfully he didn’t notice the mics clipped to my collar. Also, I’m thankful that the mics cut out a decent amount of the extracurricular activity around me.

So we got a bit of a curve ball tonight, with Jamie’s Cryin’ performed for the first time since July 3, 2008, and the first performance of Blood And Fire since the tour rehearsals in February. The word from a credible source is that Light Up The Sky was rehearsed three times at sound check and was on the official setlist, but was scratched at the last minute because Roth did not want to perform it. Girl Gone Bad was played instead.

The performance by the Van Halens was tight as has been the norm on this tour. Roth remains the weak link though he was better tonight than in Atlantic City. He at least pretended he wanted to be there, he engaged the crowd and he did some improv, especially during Everybody Wants Some. He also scolded the crew before She’s The Woman and during I’ll Wait. I’m not sure why this continues to be a problem on this tour.

There will not be a 16 bit version. I don’t have the interest in doing that so any one of you can take it upon yourselves to do that and upload it to Dime, no need to ask me. Really you can do whatever you want with it without asking–mate it to a DVD, upload as mp3 files on guitars101.com, etc. I can’t stop you anyway and I stopped caring about such things a long time ago.

FFP file and shntool results included.


length expanded size cdr WAVE problems fmt ratio filename
5:06.533 88281644 B cxx — —xx flac 0.6910 vh2012-03-26t01.flac
3:43.427 64346924 B cxx — —xx flac 0.6926 vh2012-03-26t02.flac
2:58.667 51456044 B cxx — —xx flac 0.6988 vh2012-03-26t03.flac
4:57.160 85582124 B cxx — —xx flac 0.6924 vh2012-03-26t04.flac
4:31.787 78274604 B cxx — —xx flac 0.6886 vh2012-03-26t05.flac
7:19.813 126666284 B cxx — —xx flac 0.6546 vh2012-03-26t06.flac
3:44.387 64623404 B cxx — —xx flac 0.6955 vh2012-03-26t07.flac
3:20.907 57861164 B cxx — —xx flac 0.6898 vh2012-03-26t08.flac
4:15.200 73497644 B cxx — —xx flac 0.6961 vh2012-03-26t09.flac
3:00.360 51943724 B cxx — —xx flac 0.6985 vh2012-03-26t10.flac
2:57.133 51014444 B cxx — —xx flac 0.6712 vh2012-03-26t11.flac
4:10.560 72161324 B cxx — —xx flac 0.6768 vh2012-03-26t12.flac
4:20.627 75060524 B cxx — —xx flac 0.6877 vh2012-03-26t13.flac
3:46.987 65372204 B cxx — —xx flac 0.6869 vh2012-03-26t14.flac
5:05.347 87939884 B cxx — —xx flac 0.6938 vh2012-03-26t15.flac
5:21.989 92732972 B cxx — —xx flac 0.6890 vh2012-03-26t16.flac
4:18.507 74449964 B cxx — —xx flac 0.6728 vh2012-03-26t17.flac
4:41.680 81123884 B cxx — —xx flac 0.6825 vh2012-03-26t18.flac
3:58.293 68628524 B cxx — —xx flac 0.6809 vh2012-03-26t19.flac
7:19.160 126478124 B cxx — —xx flac 0.6035 vh2012-03-26t20.flac
3:55.653 67868204 B cxx — —xx flac 0.6772 vh2012-03-26t21.flac
8:29.653 146780204 B cxx — —xx flac 0.6052 vh2012-03-26t22.flac
5:17.453 91426604 B cxx — —xx flac 0.6805 vh2012-03-26t23.flac
5:50.613 100976684 B cxx — —xx flac 0.6818 vh2012-03-26t24.flac
112:31.896 1944547104 B 0.6731 (24 files)

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Blood and Fire was played… Awesome!


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