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September 17, 2015 at 11:40 am Quote #49498


Hi all,
I was cleaning out getting ready for a yard sale and found a box of old Navy uniforms that I had purchased around 10 years ago at a local auction and completely forgot about. Inside the box was a flag that I can’t seem to identify. I asked an acquaintance who was a career Navy man and we both thought it was a signal flag. Although it appears to be a signal flag, neither of us could figure out what….as none of the Navy and International signal flags matched this particular flag.
Stamped on the white area at the end is DEPL 6
It is a very dark blue with yellow/gold. It almost appears black in my pictures, but it is dark blue. It measures 58″ long.
I wondered if this was a flag from some type of deployment during the sailor’s service. For dating, the uniforms in the box dated from 1948-1958 so I’m guessing the flag was during this time also.
Anyone have any ideas?


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