Argentina 1983 Tape

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Encontre un CD con unos temas del show de Argentina. Tengo el show completo en cassette pero no lo encuentro, queria saber si alguien tiene el show completo?

I found a CD with some songs from the show of Argentina. I have the full show on cassette but can not find, wanted to know if anyone has the full show?

Heartbreak Hotel (not in DVD)!SRgUxTSa!OvLpEMCKzUtCg_R2H8-cr00uNo9wy0Ea9hH5j_4I3bA

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No conocia ese cd!! El set list de la cinta que tengo es el siguiente!

Did not know that cd !! The set list of the tape that I have is as follows

Romeo Delight (cut)
Drum Solo
The Full Bug
Running With The Devil
Jamies Crying
Little Guitars
Bass Solo
Where Have The Good Times Gone
Dancing In The Street
Somebody Get Me A Doctor
House of Pain Jamm
Somebody Get Me A Doctor
Dance The Night Away
So This Is Love
Summer Time Blues
Little Dreamer
Drum Solo
Everyboby Wants Some
Pretty Woman
Oh Argentina
Ice Cream Man
Heartbreak Hotel
Guitar Solo
Ain’T Talkin Bout Love
Bottoms Up
You Really Got Me
Happy Trails
You Really Got Me


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