Chickenfoot 2012-05-12 Chicago (cosmickc)

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Chickenfoot – 2012-05-12 – Chicago Theater, Chicago. IL. Tascam PR-10

Chicago Theater
Chicago, IL.

Source: FOB Left of Center Main Floor 3L on the right hand aisle Seat 303 Row HH > Tascam PR-10 internal Microphones in a Guinness Hat > Micro SDHC 44k/16bit

Transfer: Micro SDHC > PC > Audacity EQ, Track Labels > FLAC

01. Lighten Up
02. Alright Alright
03. Big Foot
04. Sexy Little Thing
05. Soap on a Rope
06. Last Temptation
07. My Kinda Girl
08. Down the Drain
09. Something Goin Wrong
10. Turnin’ Left*
11. Future in the Past
12. Encore: Different Devil
13. Oh Yeah
14. Rock Candy

*I “turned to my left” and the Recorder falls out of my hat at the beginning. Sorry!

Disclaimer: This is my first ever “stealth” recording. I’ve been live concert recording for 20 years but always out in the open. Never did invest in small microphones. I got the Tacam PR-10 only because it was $29.00 on sale and I figured it would be an “ok” back up. Decided to put it in the old guiness hat and record this one. It turned out a bit muffled. I expected that. I went a head and brightened it up a bit. Normally I would never mess with a recording like that but this one really needed it. Not the best recording but it captures the moment.

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I have some video from the beginning of this show, maybe 30 mins or so, I haven’t really checked. I filmed until I was told to stop. (I wasn’t in a great location to be stealth) The remainder of the show I recorded just audio with the camera’s built-in mic, but it’s pretty distorted, I’m sure the above source is way better.

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Nice Ron! I’m interested in the video footage if you decide to share it.

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How long was the show ?

When you turn on your stereo, does it return the favor?

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thanks for the link Ron!


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