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Remember the “Everybody Wants Some” tribute disc that came out in the late ’90s?

Turns out that those 17 tracks weren’t all the tracks that could have been on that release. A promo disc includes 4 more tracks, that didn’t make the cut.

“Unchained” by Slughog

“Little Dreamer” by The Gravy

“House of Pain’ by Vera Gogo

“Invisible Sun” by Elevator Drops

But wait, you’re saying to yourself… I don’t remember a Van Halen song called “Invisible Sun”. That’s because there isn’t one.

As a prank, the band Elevator Drops submitted their cover of the Police song as “Hot For Teacher”, and the people putting together the release didn’t catch it before the promos were released. Fortunately they caught it before the final product was pressed.


They had quite a following in Boston and the shows were always excellent, you left feeling like you’d stumbled into this bizarre, secret universe where pop held real meaning and wonder and excitement. But they were perhaps a bit too weird for wide mainstream appeal. And it didn’t help that they were a band of merry pranksters as well. When local Boston label, Cherry Disc, were putting out a Van Halen tribute cd, the Drops sent in a cover of The Police’s “Invisible Sun” labeled “Van Halen – Hot For Teacher”. The cd was mastered before anyone spotted the joke.

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When you turn on your stereo, does it return the favor?


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