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February 7, 2013 at 4:05 pm Quote #22770


Hi folks,

I haven’t actively collected/traded since the 2007/08 tour. I just didn’t get the bug and try to secure every single show recorded on the last tour like I have done all previous tours. I still have my entire collection and may rejoin trading at some future time.

Our second child will be here soon and I’m having to turn my Van Halen room into a bedroom now. I’m boxing up the collection, labeling as I go, and putting it in the basement until I decide what to do with it. Time to be a responsible parent is here so the VH Room has to go!!

With that said, I have a lot of supplies that I thought someone may be interested in. I figured these items would be a lot more use to folks still actively trading then collecting dust at my house. I don’t really have a price in mind and will be glad to entertain any fair offers that come in. I think it would be easier to try to sell this to one or two individuals as piecing it out will be some work. It sure would be easier to box it all up and ship it to someone.

Most of these are opened packages, but a few are still factory sealed. If anyone needs specific numbers off of the blanks then just let me know. Also, I’ll be glad to supply pictures if anyone needs them.

So here’s what I have available:
Maxell DVD +R (qty 8)
TDK DVD -R (qty 48)
Sony DVD +R Dual Layer (qty 9)
Memorex DVD -R (qty 30)

Taiyo Yuden 52x Silver Therm Printable 100 pack still factory sealed + 19 loose (qty 119 total)

Jewel Cases (pretty sure I bought all these from Supermedia Store back in 07/08
Single Disc Jewel Case assembled/black tray (qty 89) This is an almost full case and still packaged in the original case from retail.
Double Disc Jewel Case assembled/black tray (qty 54) This is a little more than a half case.
Triple Disc Jewel Case assembled/black tray (qty 10)
Single DVD case (qty 92)14mm. black. Almost full case and still packaged in original case from retail.

Anyone that is interested can shoot me a message, or email me at ga5150 at comcast dot net

I’ll only charge for exact shipping cost.

I’ll also have the equipment I used for doing my original tape transfers available in a few days. I need to get it boxed up and it’ll be ready for sale. It will be a Sony dual cassette deck TC-WE475 and a Sony CD recorder RCD W500C. Both are in like new condition. I transferred around 30 shows total using the setup and then pretty much lost interest. Again, simply looking for good offers.

Thanks for reading!



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